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  • Avatar for SupremeCrow
    Just heard Deep Forest - feels like a bit of a return to form, or at least to the sort of dark beautiful pop they were making on NMSM. What do people think of the rest of the new album?
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    ну у кого-то были и такие девяностые, завидую им.
  • Avatar for Sajgonski
    True. Their three first albums are really awesome ;)
  • Avatar for Soroll88
    Their two first albums are really awesome
  • Avatar for Kafenrel
  • Avatar for LekuBauer
    Mad about you :D
  • Avatar for Gimpo-cat
    Bring us old lastfm and old hooverphonic back!
  • Avatar for TulioCheab
    Fuck, yeah! I <3 Noémie Wolfs!
  • Avatar for kalinowskii
    it was so much better with Geike, each song was like a dream..
  • Avatar for EvdRIC
    I do believe that 'Wardrope' is their best song, however it doesn't appear in their top :(
  • Avatar for jeszczeniekot
  • Avatar for menanggung
    отличная музыка! волшебная
  • Avatar for HighWay17
    Yeah, Sydward, you have a point. Geike's solo effort was strong and interesting - far more than "The Night Before" and "Reflection". And, if she'll back to Hooverphonic, then Alex really should give more space to her. I'd say it's maybe a strong side of many bands - when vocalists write lyrics and offers their own musical ideas, when vocalist is a real part of a band, but not only voice.
  • Avatar for norcalternative
    Sydward, you have a good point. Her solo stuff proved that she was a big part of the success of the best years of Hooverphonic. If Callier and Geertz had given her the credit and input she deserves, the brilliance would have gone on for a long time. I would actually like to see her do both more solo stuff and re-join Hooverphonic, but only if they let her influence the final product.
  • Avatar for Sydward
    I know we haven't heard much out of Geike lately, but I honestly would rather she put out another solo record than to rejoin Hooverphonic. Her first was marvelous and I'd love to hear how she's developed since then. A Geike-Hooverphonic reunion would be incredible, and I guess she has just as a better chance of filling her shoes as anyone else does, but I don't want her ideas to be ignored. If Alex Callier had given her more creative input in 2008, she probably would've never left. Her solo proved she has good ideas (and would've been perfect had Alex produced it, IMO.) Maybe he could give it a listen, see that she has a creative voice just as beautiful as her physical voice, and invite her back... In a perfect world I suppose.
  • Avatar for HighWay17
    Definitely they should try to return Geike back, then look around in searching of inspiration for more freedom approach in their music. They fell too low with this pragmatic dullness of "The Night Before" and "Reflection". Do they really want to continue this kind of prosy lounge for being-do-nothing? This is a totally uninspiring stuff. Or just break up? Hope they'll not, and will find the force of their creativity in near future.
  • Avatar for norcalternative
    Maybe they can beg Geike to come back and they can try and get back the genius that produced Blue Wonder Power Milk, Magnificent Tree and President of LSD Club. It's not like she seems to be doing much these days.
  • Avatar for Sqvoll91
    Очень погружающая в себя музыка, с прекрасным вокалом. Такую хорошо в стрип-клубах крутить )
  • Avatar for nokie
    Too bad Noémie is leaving, but I think she never really fitted the profile. Let's hope it doesn't take another 2 years before they find someone new...
  • Avatar for TulioCheab
    I can not accept the idea of Noémie Woolfs out of Hooverphonic. I'm gonna miss her soooo much. I hope she invests at least on a solo career . A voice like that can't be missed.
  • Avatar for firmintherat
    Goodbye Noémie.
  • Avatar for lesinlondon
    Just rediscovered them. Like a lot of their music, but A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular is their best work.
  • Avatar for alvaroguimrs
    Roadblock <3
  • Avatar for Haalf
    jackie cane é tão; hippie, a melhor.
  • Avatar for yanazol
    вони чудові)
  • Avatar for norcalternative
    Better with Geike, but good nonetheless.
  • Avatar for Radioglowy1
    Geike 5ever
  • Avatar for dvsmorton
    I like them no matter who's singing. Liesje, Geike, and Noémie are all talented in their own ways. (2) I agree!
  • Avatar for my_impulss
    thank you so much for an amazing gig in Cracow ! it was marvelous!
  • Avatar for TulioCheab
    They're sooooooo much better with Noémie Wolfs. But i like the old ones too... <3 love Hoover!
  • Avatar for Sound-Of-Nature
    Out of Sight ♥
  • Avatar for safeinhere
    r.i.p hooverphonic (1998-2008) [7] .... come back Geike!
  • Avatar for Sydward
    Geike's solo album blows their last two without her away. Hoping the third album with Noémie will go back to pushing boundaries... I've got nothing against Noémie, but their music has become quite boring since Geike left, with the exception of a few tracks, most notably Amalfi.
  • Avatar for Jane_Fortress
    Раньше было лучше
  • Avatar for OldWhore
    Дрочил под ихний 2Wicky
  • Avatar for Haalf
  • Avatar for Sophhis
    Hooverphonic with Noémie Wolfs... <3
  • Avatar for dzzzt
    Geike 5ever
  • Avatar for niqart
    Copper (CU) the only song from new album that melodically remains Geike period of Hooverphonic! Test it guys and girls!!!))) So charming song)
  • Avatar for letsbolt
    battersea always gets me....
  • Avatar for menswear2112
    They change singers like Elisabeth Taylor changed husbands.
  • Avatar for tetragrammaton-
    eh? man i just think that its great that they changed their name to 'avoid legal issues with a vacuum cleaner company'
  • Avatar for tetragrammaton-
    "The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name and >>> to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company <<<" mmmmhm
  • Avatar for nicodp
    Time to get over the Geike period. Noemie deserves all credits with the latest album. Her personality is also much more suited for performing on stage. Amalfi is a strong album!
  • Avatar for ignacio-ghost
    Geike forever! ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for ignacio-ghost
    r.i.p hooverphonic (1998-2008) [6]
  • Avatar for ppm2311
    Amalfi is a masterpiece!
  • Avatar for rainwatercoyote
    Completely hooked on Reflection! I'd say the songs are too short, but it just means I play them again... and again...
  • Avatar for plisia
    r.i.p hooverphonic (1998-2008) [4]
  • Avatar for firmintherat
    Love Reflection, though I could've done without some of the slower songs. They just sound like filler to me.


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