• Ethereal Radio ...

    25 Oct 2006, 04:31 by boobookittyfcuk

    ... I've been playing around with the PC so iTunes is currently having a heart attack trying to 'determine gapless playback'. Grrr, I wanted to do a CD for our car journey today.
    So instead, I decided to listen to 'Ethereal Radio'. Some of you are putting godamned weird tags on things ... I would never say that Mike Oldfield was ethereal! Nor Curve (although I'm not complaining listening to them!)
    So while I'm listening ... I thought I'd jot down some thoughts on what has been recently tagged as ethereal in the world of Last.Fm listeners ...

    Curve - Polaroid - again, I wouldn't say that this is ethereal. I like it, I like Curve (although they can be very 'samey' in my book. Nothing beats Frozen e.p.

    Sanvean - Lisa Gerrard - YES ... you've got it right. ok, who am I to say what is ethereal and what isn't, but to me, Lisa Gerrard is. She is other-worldly. Have you ever seen her sing live? Where that voice comes from I have no idea. There seems to be so little effort, she moves so little. Beautiful. Sublime.