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Same Direction (3:15)


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  • this song reminds me of my younger days [2]
  • this song reminds me of my younger days
  • Really @squiggins if you don't have something nice to say shut your mouth and go to Hell!
  • Well, I listened to this and I didn't die... Still a shitty rock genre though.
  • geht gut rein
  • great ;D
  • Wohoooooooooooooooooo! :)
  • Awesome band!
  • eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhaaaaaaa! rock <3
  • Rock still lives... [2]
  • Very good :D
  • Está genial!
  • love it !
  • this is good live.
  • Let's make this photo Hoobastank main photo here on last.fm, for that vote UP http://www.last.fm/music/Hoobastank/+images/17395325
  • amazing!
  • Rock still lives...
  • GREAT!!!
  • 真不错~
  • Too bad my dick isn't always pointing in the same direction... haha
  • The brought me one of my fav album ever! :)
  • love it x
  • Not bad :D
  • Still an amazing song!
  • Love this song.
  • same directioon whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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  • Good track!!
  • I heard this in Catwoman too.
  • suppi
  • this is also from Catwoman
  • Because this song is the main track on Madden NFL 2005, my 4 year old calls this the "football song". Great track though, I really love it.
  • (L)
  • i love it!!! wow!
  • woah... I love this. Damn good song.
  • great song! Listen to the first time.. but, sounds amazing.
  • Madden 05!
  • Amazing Song!! I love it!!
  • einfach zu geil fucking <3
  • This is my favorite song by this group. If I don't know what direction I am going but were all going in the same direction does this mean were all lost? Just curious. : )
  • lifehouse.. muito bãão! heuaheualis
  • One of my favorite songs by Hoobastank.
  • ...so ready to see them Sunday!
  • So profound to me, who in this world is to say that they are right in their therory of creation, or to the journey of our souls once this life ends... or their God(s)/Goddesses... who's belief is the One belief... we are all going in the same direction in the end... but thats just what I hear... Blessed Be & Bless our Goddess Mother Earth today, Earth Day, and all that follow. Peace
  • ;DDDD
  • good song! I think it's their best song ever..
  • ausme sng.....i simply luv it...
  • These guys are still alive? I have had the fortune of not hearing from them for the past few years, great going last.fm, the biggest disappointment from this site yet.


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