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  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    so much better than The Reason
  • Avatar for MarcT1957
    no matter...this is a great song! play it LOUD
  • Avatar for nygal28
    Cool song, although they suck live...heard them sing "The Reason" and they were just so awful...I hope they got better..don't hear much bout them anymore, by the way, wonder
  • Avatar for FeXYSpartan
    Beggining sucks but the rest is boss
  • Avatar for liluckymomo
    Best song EVER
  • Avatar for Metalfiend11
    I still love their music.
  • Avatar for Eroticus
    F* Loving It !!!! <3
  • Avatar for pkflyers
    @ThePlague555: thats because hoobustank used to play with incubus in the mid 90's, before both of the bands got famous..They obviously shared similar playing style
  • Avatar for pandabearmadnes
    likes this
  • Avatar for ThePlague555
    Vocals sounds a lot like incubus vocals O.o
  • Avatar for Dark_Alive
  • Avatar for dscshade45
    great song awsome album ahead of their time. if they came out today would be #1 rock album
  • Avatar for emerau7
    yep, just love saying their name Hoooobbaa stank. Good tune.
  • Avatar for paintbrushbangs
  • Avatar for SilkWeb
  • Avatar for nick_vitale
    Definitely one of there best! Such a great song!
  • Avatar for dptyson
  • Avatar for dugan631
    AMAZING SONG ! always on my top 5
  • Avatar for reservoirdog772
    this is their song? didnt know that, not too shabby.
  • Avatar for Gunnutpwns
    why cant this kind of music come back instead of all this pop crap we have now
  • Avatar for RAYJAY999
    Hoobtastic !
  • Avatar for killingursoul
    beautiful <3
  • Avatar for Krista0739
    god one of my fave songs growing up... ahhh love it
  • Avatar for Vilejose
    oh wow
  • Avatar for Metalfiend11
    So why are you running away? Is it me? Is it you? Nothing that I can do.
  • Avatar for all_the_way
    Such a great melody and lyrics.
  • Avatar for WeinCruz
    this and crawling in the dark are classics.
  • Avatar for mela08
    their best song
  • Avatar for Morithron
    this song is so old! brings back memories...knew the whole lyrics by heart, and still do! nice track!
  • Avatar for alhras
    never heard it before
  • Avatar for alhras
    cool song
  • Avatar for lushspooky
    Love it.
  • Avatar for MissSwastika
    Really good song. <3
  • Avatar for PianoGeek19
    One of their best songs ever.
  • Avatar for QuietJustice
    I just wanted you to tell me the truth. You know I'd do that for you.
  • Avatar for emo_spongebobXD
    hoobastank <3 ha, u wouldnt think they were a good band cause the band's name running away is my fav song from this band <3
  • Avatar for rayhtown
    i want to run away from my job right now
  • Avatar for leeli_
    i just wanted you to tell me the truth. you know i'd do that for YOU. <3
  • Avatar for manahimedoll
    Why are you running away...?
  • Avatar for rustymuffin
    i havent heard this song in a while. i love it!
  • Avatar for DA_PROFESOR
  • Avatar for PipeLP
  • Avatar for shuuni
    Awesome song.
  • Avatar for tut0101
    Great track
  • Avatar for ulissesperezz
  • Avatar for LesleyWebb
    I love thier old stuff! i forgot how amazing it is!
  • Avatar for Dancevibe08
  • Avatar for Morithron
    i used to listen to them a lot, but since 'reason' i kinda lost interest...still a good track though!
  • Avatar for Slipknot__
    My favorite song <3
  • Avatar for Fuckafoe
    I love their earlier stuff. I can still remember when I saw them live as Incubus' foreband. They were better than incubus.


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