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There are many artists witht his name.

1. An underground, politically conscious hip hop supergroup from Bandung,West of Java,Indonesia.

Homicide is well respected among underground hip hop community through it's consistent and razor sharp poetic lyrics,along with abstract rhymes wrapped in experimental beats with dark spectrum.Consisted with two members;Morgue vanguard (MC/Producer),and Sarkasz (MC).Since 1994,Homicide succeeded to put The-"Against Neo-liberalism"-movement in the musical platform.It became one of the most influential group in the whole Indonesia's underground music scene history.

Before the group broke up in August of 2007,they had dropped the critically acclaimed album "The Nekrophone dayz" (2006),following the success of it's EP "Prosa tanpa Tuhan" (2003).

2. Homicide is also a gangsta rapper from Sacramento.

3.Homicide is also a German Black Metal band.

4. Homicide were also an English Punk Rock band from the late 70's with a track on the "Sent From Coventry" compilation lp.

5.Homicide is also a primitive Crust/Grindcore band from Brazil. They released their debut full length entitled, Total Decay in 2012.

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