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  • Avatar for Thonydef
    and the pimpin's easy
  • Avatar for Thonydef
    this group is rapcore at its best
  • Avatar for TEENWOLFGIRL17
  • Avatar for KimyLiv
    i <3 hollywood undead babbbyyyy :)
  • Avatar for RaveAssassin
    we are screaming fuck the police i luve this song
  • Avatar for cokiekillercore
    ¬ loves it ¬ ­­ N Jychelle N
  • Avatar for xx1David1xx
    i heard that duece got kicked out of the band and a shity singing pc of crap replaced duece and now there singing about drugs, pills, sucide, whining, crying, being emo. stuff everybody likes
  • Avatar for dlarosa
    Like it
  • Avatar for VampFreaxx
    I'm an HU soldier for life ♥
  • Avatar for supersimpsonman
    "We're six Caucasians raising hell" Just boss ass...
  • Avatar for LeezaRawrs
    I <3 them [=
  • Avatar for Pinkey-8
    I´ve seen them live in Berlin! they are so amazing!! they rock the house and make you dance and rock! yeaahhhhrrr
  • Avatar for larissa350
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for NathalieUndead
    Oh shit oh shit oh shit this my shit.
  • Avatar for SICREDEEMER
    Hollywood Undead is fuckn beast :D
  • Avatar for al_express
    "were screamin fuck the police!" that shit blings back fuckin funny as hell memorys!
  • Avatar for zaakjes_
    screamo? emo? yeah right..
  • Avatar for Jorzaak
    this song ownz
  • Avatar for budred
    Gotta love anyone who says F*ck the Police!
  • Avatar for nickey_erskin
    Whoever says Hollywood Undead sux, they suck. THIS BAND IS THE SHIT! {2} LOVE THEM Sooo fuckign much "Fuck the police" J-dogg and charlie scene are the best THey the coolest niggahs lol..
  • Avatar for TylerTaken
    im pimpin'
  • Avatar for NathanP90X
    Whoever says Hollywood Undead sux, they suck. THIS BAND IS THE SHIT!
  • Avatar for natttttycaper
    we ride with gangsters
  • Avatar for LaneyLovesMusic
    I think this song and band are fuckin amazing, if you don't like it then fuck off and let the people who do like it enjoy it
  • Avatar for modernromance_x
    we're screamin' FUCK THE POLICE :D
  • Avatar for bbspike94
    Awesome Awesome Awesome
  • Avatar for ViperGuy
    Then don't listen to it! ☺
  • Avatar for BMTHGeorgie
    This Is Complete Crap !
  • Avatar for liltaz95
    i luv this song its so cool
  • Avatar for furhn
    nau wauch da laengwage
  • Avatar for Neonskullraver
  • Avatar for gothemodude
    yah pimpin's easy!!!!!!~ =D
  • Avatar for NathalieUndead
    The pimpin's easy!
  • Avatar for pink2blue
    Love them!! Has anyone ever noticed some people say pimpin' is easy, and others say pimpin' aint easy?! Which is it?! =D hahaha!!
  • Avatar for Speed_Ball
    Kool ; ]
  • Avatar for musicmachinexxx
    hahah i gotta love thissss<333
  • Avatar for PowiedzDlaczego
  • Avatar for WhTNoW101
    ohhh emmm geee...this song is such a party starter !!!! its so awesome 2 seriously like the best band eva bitches!!!
  • Avatar for anarchy4life
    undead army 4 life bitches!
  • Avatar for X_My_CuPcAkE_X
    starting to love this band!!!!
  • Avatar for kayla1331
    <3 luv it! :D :*
  • Avatar for Flykrazy
    Undead Revolution!!! :D Can't get enough of this shit.
  • Avatar for cedric1993
    Very good Hollywood Undead! I like this! I like your style, rythme... Peace
  • Avatar for zackking
    screamin FUCK THE POLICE!!!!XD
  • Avatar for Deep_One
    Just like this.

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