• a fucking CYBERGRIND POST!!!

    6 Nov 2007, 01:41 by KMFCM

    that's right

    it's no secret by now, since homeboy uploaded my profile pic as the Kindergarten Hazing Ritual profile pic that I am KHR

    but well

    this is a post about cybergrind/e-grind/etc./?!!?!? that I listen to and think is THEE SHIT!!!

    Some of this shit is probably "not grind". . but. . well. . I cant' be bothered. . . .I at least didn't include the "cybergrind" bands that are actually just deathcore with a drum machine. (if Bring Me the Horizon is in your "similar artists". .you are suspect)

    . .and I'm not gonna list anyone I've done a split with either. . . .so there. .

    Old Lady Drivers - one of, if not THEE, first cybergrind bands. Featured James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher, etc.). Had a split with Assuck that I think had thier best material on it. I didn't find out about them until my other bands(Hollywood Streetwalker) drummer Andy played them for me. …