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Plump (2:34)


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  • This song makes me move my ass. I start dancing and singing wildly hahaha.
  • your milks in my mouth, it makes me sick
  • Sounds so much better live. I never really used to appreciate this song, until I experienced it live.
  • Its uplifting
  • One of my favorite Hole songs.
  • Wow congratulations on not liking "skinny bitches"
  • you look good for your age!
  • that song is the shit!! my favorite of the wHOLE record
  • The more I hear of Hole, the more I like them.
  • Great album.
  • she's got a cool style. I've always loved her <3
  • This is the business.
  • This song quite literally changed everything about my life once I first heard it at 14. I sobbed when I got to see her play it live. She is everything to me.
  • "Like a liar at a witch trial, you look good for your age."
  • My favorite Hole song ever.[2]
  • so kurt influenced, yes im a fan of both. come at me
  • The way they tear into the riff in the opening of this is like a gunshot to the head. Incredible.
  • fuck all courtney's haters. boring, annoying people.
  • great song
  • My favorite Hole song ever.
  • Do you fake it for me like I?
  • they say i'm plump but i throw up all the time
  • Courtney Hole. Played out. Done.
  • fuck courtney love
  • I love the way she screams, "Now I've stumbled here" <3
  • I don't do the dishes, I throw them in the crib. Jibe at current lifestyle ;) ? Love to live her life. Bitch everyone, LOL.
  • ACE.
  • You mean "I did a shit on your mum" sounds like this.
  • this sounds exactly like 'i did a shit on your mum' from the mighty boosh s3
  • oh courtney love...
  • Live Through This is a great album but Kurt did not write shit on there. I LOVE NIRVANA TOO!! i would never had discovered other bands if i hadn't fallen in love with them years ago.
  • haha I remember when I first heard this, I thought the lyrics were so weird :P
  • @sdlierle: Clearly drugs have fucked you up pretty bad too.
  • Courtney Love is a drugged out rock-n-roll white trash ho dog who killed her husband(Kurt Cobain) but can't remember what happend cause drugs blank out your memory!!! But she still rocks crazy people can rock!!!!
  • Live Through This is a monster album!
  • haven't heard this in over 10 years. even though im no longer full of teen angst. it still sounds good.
  • it maaaakes meee sssssssiiiickkk <3
  • one of the best on the album
  • Kickass!
  • haven't heard this album in awhile. fuck. GREAT. Album.
  • best of this album.....courtney in da action lol
  • what the hell? kurt had nothing to do with this.
  • Kurt Cobains best work!!
  • yuk!
  • Su mejor disco...compuesto por Kurt, jeje.
  • Poco talento Courtney,solo sabe gritar!


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