• reminiscing the past to understand my present choice of music

    12 Jun 2009, 21:09 by khidiraiman

    Hello nobody! I am currently listening to last.fm's tag radio...tagged bossa nova. Whoops! some kind of hiccup going on with the net, so now i'm just listening to some trash-talking on AM-540 KRXA..a quick take on these guys - they vehemently condemn President Obama as being a Socialist, they say that Muslims are cockroaches (for fasting during the day and eating at night), and they really, really hate the Democrats. and yet they're still wondering why they're not getting the lion's share of the airwaves. err...ha ha..it really gives you a new perspective listening to these people though, they sound like they could be from a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.
    So after a long time not being active socially in this website, what has actually happened to me, musically? Oddly enough, I've fallen into some kind of music limbo - neither falling in with this genre, nor that one. Or maybe I'm just starting to listen to anything and everything. …