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  • Avatar for tigre-de-papier
    wow, this used to be my favourite band... When I was 8.
  • Avatar for sdsfds
    musataso: Routa.
  • Avatar for SkinneeJay
    The new album is fantastic. I love the new sound. The darkness gives it an edge, makes it less stupid and makes the emotion hit harder.
  • Avatar for mattimek
    Dead? No. Different band ? Yes. [3]
  • Avatar for ivarh
    With Austin in would have attend the show in Amsterdam, but now I think they sound as Hinder anymore. Extreme Behavior is such a great album
  • Avatar for EFCfan2007
    The new album is OK, I preferred the previous album though.
  • Avatar for Noliira
    Dead? No. Different band ? Yes. [2]
  • Avatar for TastyDogChow
    the rock band hinder are horrible and have always been horrible just like all the other god-awful post grunge garbage inspired by nickelback. Noise/Electronic Hinder is much better. Really anything is better than the rock band Hinder. Insane Clown Posse's absolute worst track is 10 times better than Lips of An Angel.
  • Avatar for I-Claw
    Ну и вокал. Рип ин пис.
  • Avatar for TDcore
    R.I.P. Hinder. Awful new vocalist. I mean, seriously?
  • Avatar for makushka1
    новый вокалист шикарен
  • Avatar for Sonnycz
    Dead? No. Different band ? Yes.
  • Avatar for Guardian342
    Dead without Austin [5] :(
  • Avatar for SandraSuicide
    Dead without Austin [4]
  • Avatar for Shadowlord39
    "Hit the Ground" sounds like the good old Hinder.
  • Avatar for HappyIsabel
    Dead without Austin [3]
  • Avatar for FastWheels
    It's like an even worse version of Nickelback.
  • Avatar for larm0
    Dead without Austin [2]
  • Avatar for doni1232
    Dead without Austin
  • Avatar for ieatmidgets
    On behalf of the meat cleaver state I apologize for this band
  • Avatar for makushka1
    hinder <3
  • Avatar for ZDOGG
    Room 21 - один из лучших боевичков пост-гранжа
  • Avatar for DafneKeendam
    should have known better!
  • Avatar for esp-truckster
  • Avatar for oo69
  • Avatar for makushka1
    альбом то говнецо...
  • Avatar for SCOPETRIED
    Бля Егерьмастер бухуают)
  • Avatar for Dy-Jay
    by the way <3
  • Avatar for ElHuevas1428574
    ⌠↑ಠ_ಠ ←:D→ ಥ_ಥ↓⌡
  • Avatar for larm0
    Loaded And Alone
  • Avatar for jadechauhan666
    Love the song
  • Avatar for happyperson31
    without you <3
  • Avatar for BiNu-Rock
    400 Scrobbels 4 Take It To The Limit (rock)
  • Avatar for gahh45x94
    Wait a minute, this band is still a thing?
  • Avatar for doni1232
    Everybody's Wrong ♥♥
  • Avatar for Shenal_H
    By the way, what makes you think you'll have it your way? <3
  • Avatar for Blaskon
    Love this fucking band!
  • Avatar for dinukana
  • Avatar for Still_Pluto
    If you like grunge/post-grunge,hard rock or southern rock music,please spend a minute of your time and visit our page here,listen & download for free=) You might really like this stuff;)
  • Avatar for tishaneverminds
    Love this band since 2009 and still do!
  • Avatar for Tyou_uta
  • Avatar for gunslinger_93
    like it =DDD
  • Avatar for drnrg31
    Say waht you will about Hinder, but Austin knows how to write a great pop rock song as well as a full on rock song. He is even better at Power ballads.Welcome to The Freakshow is really good.
  • Avatar for doni1232
    Everybody's Wrong♥♥♥
  • Avatar for Moestitia
    Does anyone know what the Garage-band Hinder changed their name to? They had the songs 'Please don't ever' and 'Mancow'.
  • Avatar for Hinder_Thelife
    The Life ♥♥
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    up all nite :)
  • Avatar for pafj
    Should Have Known Better <3 [3]
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + 2 Sides Of Me +
  • Avatar for problem_39
    Lips Of An Angel♥


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