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Hillel Slovak (born April 13, 1962 in Haifa, Israel) was one of the founding members, and also the lead guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He died in 1988 (June 25 in Los Angeles) from a Speedball overdose.
He was the best friend of Anthony Kiedis, and in his memory he has written and dedicated the 1989 album "Mother's Milk" with the song "Knock me down" and in the following album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", Anthony dedicated to him the song "My Lovely Man"…

After Hillel death:
after 4 years of serious abuse of drugs by Hillel, his body could no longer endure. This happened while the band was working for his fourth album, which was to be called Rockin Freakapotamus. The band had already recorded several songs like Point Boy, Blues for Meister, Magic Johnson. The album was never finished. The band members reacted in different ways by the death of Hillel. Hillel's death changed the lives of all. Flea, who had not spent much time with Hillel a year prior to his abuse, he felt he could have saved his friend. Anthony, who had taken heroin, took the death of Hillel as an event susecuentemente strong and helped him quit drugs. After a time he moved to Mexico to mourn his friend. Jack, who was the one with more years of knowing Hillel could not handle the fact of losing him. Jack could not handle this, he was very distressed, and he was hospitalized after having severe nervous breakdowns.


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