• Top Ten Review (Week of Apr. 30, 2006)

    10 May 2006, 03:53 by jacks_revenge

    I neglected my music journal these past few of weeks due to an onslaught of time-consuming obstacles such as a job interview, assignments and a final exam. After more than a week of recuperation, I’ve decided it’s time to get back into gear, so here goes:

    1. The Sound of Animals Fighting (0, 41 plays) – This prog/experimental/post-hardcore/whatever supergroup remains the top dog this week and they absolutely dominated my charts last week with 108 plays. I posted a review on Lover, The Lord Has Left Us… in my last journal entry. According to the May 2 journal entry on the band’s official website, the “real” album that is coming out on May 30 is different than the leaked album. I am intrigued, considering all of the preview clips on last.fm sound like the songs I have.

    Track of the week: My Horse Must Lose

    2. Chiodos (0, 36 plays) – Thank you last.fm for allowing me to discover this band. I’m sure I would have discovered them sooner or later because I like Anthony Green fan and Chiodos is linked to him via TSOAF…
  • Week in Review (Feb 26th - March 5th)

    8 Mar 2006, 13:23 by diehtc0ke

    So, I should be doing a humongoid paper but I don't want to. It's due in the morning. That's a real, real shame. I dont know why I didn't listen to much music this week. I think this is just about the lowest amount of tracks I've listened to since I started this thingy. Well, here goes:

    1. Korn (+14, 20 plays): I didn't pay attention at all to what I listened to this week so this was a shocker. I can't wait until I see them live. They're supposed to play Clown which is just about my favorite KoRn song ever. I'm lying. It is now since I thought of it. I can see that this entry is going to be VERY lazy.
    Track of the Week: Clown

    2. Coheed and Cambria (+1, 19 plays): Looks like I went back to my staple bands this week. I've been a fan of Coheed since Devil in Jersey City came out though I didn't really get into them until I heard A Favor House Atlantic. That song made me buy both IKSSE:3 and SSTB (VERY lazy) on the same day.
    Track of the Week: A Favor House Atlantic