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  1. Genre
    Industrial nightmares
    Nathan Jones: all synths, drums, programming, murder, aids.
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Record label

  2. Biography 2010

    Fascinated by the 80s wave, 80s synthpop and an English band called "The Art of Noise", the man behind this all bought himself a…

  3. Edgeist is an industrial/noise solo projet started on late 2005 in Lyon (France).
    Its tracks evolve among rhythmic noise & ambient noise genres.

  4. Link for facebook page:

    (copied from www.myspace,com/lastdaysofsex)

    An attempt to express…

  5. Bitch Per Minute (Biography 2012)

    Bitch Per Minute, a pun on the abbreviations BPM, was formed in 2008 by KrrKrrKrr. What started as an…

  6. Magnitudo 8 is an italian one man band composed of Elfire.
    Elfire, after having collaborated and carried out different extreme metal projects, gets…

  7. xotox was founded in 1998 as a solo-project by andreas davids. adequately described by himself as "industrial for hyperactive people", the…

  8. http://thepeoplesrepublicofeurope.bandcamp.com/

    The Peoples Republic of Europe started on the 4th of June 2000, when exploring the posiblities of…

  9. TERRORFAKT is an industrial/Power Noise musical project from New York City. They are currently signed to Metropolis Records.
    Although the project…

  10. French Powernoise Artist.

  11. ENGLISH:
    Triebwerk was founded in 2003 by Markus B. (alias Blacksco), and completed in the spring of 2004 by the addition of Jürgen S. (alias…

  12. Stahlfrequenz is an Industrial formation from Cologne/Germany founded in 2002. Impressed by the power and aesthetics of the industry, they…

  13. Rhythmic noise & industrial project of Frederick Beecher from Minnesota, USA.

  14. Manufactura was started in the fall of 2000 by Karloz.M, also known for his work as Broken Fabiola and more recently Karloz Manufactura. He and…

  15. Gewaltakustik was founded 2003 by a young boy who decided to make his own Music.
    His work became very popular the moment it was released.


  16. FabrikC artist is a Powernoise one-man band formed in Hannover, Germany in 2004.
    After several CDr releases, club hits and performances FabrikC…

  17. Based in Nottingham UK
    Jasper Madeupsurname has been in too many obscure underground projects to mention.
    In 2008 he began his latest Noise…

  18. Side project of Eisengrau/Mürnau/Legion Ultra cult.
    Has released 2 albums;
    Sanatorium Steinklang Industries
    Burial Blade Records.


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