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  • Avatar for racemachine
    at full blast ...
  • Avatar for gongon1989
    Colic is a great song.
  • Avatar for Punkerman_00
    That's all folks High Five Drive is DEAD no more stuff maybe SHOWS but nothing more, RIP High Five Drive
  • Avatar for Punkerman_00
    for all high five drive fans if you are interested in the first demo of HFD it contains 3 unknow songs:
  • Avatar for gigzi
    Das ist schon geiler Scheiss, leck mich am Hoden [5] Schinken :DD
  • Avatar for Punkerman_00
    mediafire deleted the archive so we go again, here the lyrics again from Fullblast enjoy dudes
  • Avatar for Punkerman_00
    the best song is Fallen simply like this song have 3 different versions Demo, Original and the Alternative
  • Avatar for laisaa
    colic, inspiration is realization and our great war, are the best <3
  • Avatar for leandrorise
  • Avatar for weak23
    Das ist schon geiler Scheiss, leck mich am Hoden [4] Saustark :D
  • Avatar for Dogl
    So awesome Fullblast is soo fucking sick!
  • Avatar for gombczasty
    Belvedere cover sounds gr8!!
  • Avatar for Punkerman_00
    Great Job with the cover fuckin all guys
  • Avatar for Punkerman_00
    Listening since 2007 and now they are one of my favorite bands of my fucking life
  • Avatar for luke2389
    very good band and nice people
  • Avatar for MaxIsBored
    Pumped for the European tour!
  • Avatar for chump86
    Das ist schon geiler Scheiss, leck mich am Hoden [3] :D
  • Avatar for luhmayhem
    fucking band... Fullblast is awesome
  • Avatar for Luckydonkey
    Das is schon ein geiler Scheiss, leck mich am Hoden[2] LOL
  • Avatar for MrLansVansDance
    нормуль такие парни, по хою)!
  • Avatar for napalm06
    this is one of the stranger bios that I've read on
  • Avatar for Vandalheart
    hahahahahah lol poor punker dude! =/ btw the best song is September! ^^
  • Avatar for sugarayy
    Punkerman, otra vez lo mismo =s.. Edita con informacion que valga la pena, pero no con eso -_-..
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    Some insane guitar work on the new album, too bad the vocals are really dull.
  • Avatar for veganfishcake
  • Avatar for Vandalheart
    full new abum in my hand! lol checkin this stuff...
  • Avatar for sugarayy
    He introducido una descripcion del artista. Si quereis cambiar algo que no os parezca bien adelante!
  • Avatar for fasteer
    wow the new one is great!
  • Avatar for Cruizer72
    wow! why does winnipeg seem to generate such good punk rock i guess id be that pissed off if i was form manitoba too
  • Avatar for Vandalheart
    no no no Das isnot schon iem göllerg strujk mich ma hodemnberg! chukruts
  • Avatar for Judgejosefdredd
    Das is schon ein geiler Scheiss, leck mich am Hoden
  • Avatar for Kordoras
    wtf ! It´s not POP PUNK FilippoInzaghi!
  • Avatar for Omaaa
    Amazing band!
  • Avatar for peptosxe
    belvedere's clon? way! both bands are excellent tho....
  • Avatar for Alkalinemau
    belvedere's clon :P
  • Avatar for ste-m-punk
    bloody good band
  • Avatar for nooxhc
    service engine soon, best damn thing that i've heard recently
  • Avatar for DizzyRochett
    Really, really, good =)
  • Avatar for Khet
    hey join:
  • Avatar for PonKsX
    Vote for the other pic, please. :D

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