• Misstagged HaMC Tracks to must be auto-corrected

    Fev 4 2010, 22h26 por tinosoft89

    The track names for High And Mighty Color are notoriously messy, with over 100 tracks missnamed! (Scarily, quite a few have cropped up in the top 10!)

    Fortunately for us, Last.fm user c4t2007 has created an awesome solution to allow you to submit of a large batch of name corrections in just TWO easy steps!

    - Create a new bookmark and instead of a website address, copy and paste the following code:
    - Remaining on this page, click on your new bookmark and in the window that's popped up, copy and paste everything that's quoted below. "Submit", sit tight and let the batch voter do all the hard work!
    HIGH and Mighty Color - Goover
    HIGH and Mighty Color - Go Over
    =HIGH and Mighty Color - G∞VER

    HIGH and Mighty Color - RUN RUN RUN
    HIGH and Mighty Color - RUN*RUN*RUN
    HIGH and Mighty Color - RunRunRun