• 2006 In Review

    30 Dec 2006, 23:13 by used_chemical

    I thought i'd give a general overview of my listening habits in 2006 (Or since September, when i downloaded

    This year, My Chemical Romance topped the most weeks spent at number one.
    18 different artists managed to top the weekly charts

    Silverstein appeared in the top 10 weekly charts the most, appearing 16 times.
    Joint second was The Used and Underoath both appearing 13 times.

    Overall Top Artists

    50. Death Cab for Cutie
    I found out DCFC from a friend, after listening to them at her place, i decided i'd check them out.
    I only have the one album Plans. And I've had it for almost a year now. It is a good album, and i might get some older albums to expand my collection
    Favourite Song - I Will Follow You Into The Dark

    49. Endwell
    Endwell were one of my more satisfying new discoveries this year. I took a shine to thier album as soon as i got it. I'm looking forward to more Endwell records.
    Favourite Song - A Taste Of Everest

    48. Emery