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Het Zweet is tribal industrial ritual by Marien Van Oers, native of Breda in the Netherlands, active since early 80s. Started as electro-based duo with Eric Haamers under name Forced Run and released self-titled cassette in 1982 on Marien's own DIY label "Het Zweet", which later next year transformed into "Zweepslag" in order to release "Vocus ◦◦ Tribus ◦◦ Slindus ◦◦ Indus" and "Massive Trance", his first solo tapes.

Het Zweet was released on such legendary labels as "Staaltape" (which released "Fase" and re-released improved version of "Forced Run" tape in 1983/84) and "Dossier" (Het Zweet only LP in 1987). Also Het Zweet appeared on many international compilations as "Katacombe Vol. 3 and Vol. 5" (1984-85) / Necronomicon 1 (1984) / Thee Book ‎(1984) / Songs From The New International (1986) / 6x10=60 Vol. 2 (1986) / Q.E.D. (1988).

Het Zweet music consisted of junk percussion pieces played upon organic noises / ritualistic-ambiance / soundscapes / and mantras. Music was played on self-built instruments (shopping trolleys amplified with pickups, blown cardboard tubes etc.) with Marien's own vocals and extra per-recorded sounds.

Het Zweet's percussion trip lasted until 1988, when Marien eliminate all public music activities. Since then he was recording only for himself, this period (1992-2012) can be heard on "Compilatie Blue Room" released by his friend Mark Rietveld (Mor Time D'or), after Marien passed away at 8th January 2013.

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