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Herdwhite is the alias of manchester born experimental electronic producer Andy Pegram. Through the mid 90's and since, Herdwhite's influences have been few, most noteably Orbital, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, FSOL, Fluke as well as, oddly, progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

Currently in his Manchester based studio, herdwhite is collaborating with irish born violinist Joanne Reid and American artist and photographer Devin Mourning on a side project dubbed 'Das Citizen' . In March 2009 Herdwhite released the 'Das Citizen EP', with its manic downtemp soundtrack electronic sound exploring themes of modern living and 'the generation gap'…'I was deep in thought, but the record still made me move my head up and down and stomp my foot, which seems to be a reflex of affirmation'.

Herdwhite continues to work, now closely with Manchester based electro/funk prodcuer LH1, on an EP which looks at new electronic…'Not to surpass what's happened, or to forget what went before, but to evolve, like humans do, this ultimately thrilling and totally captivating stuff called music'.

'This is new music, there is nothing to follow, there are no rules anymore' - Daft Punk

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