• Seth Lakeman at the Beverley Folk Festival - 19/06/2009

    23 Jun 2009, 01:51 by thebrightspark

    Fri 19 Jun – Beverley Folk Festival

    After the somewhat disappointing time that was Seth Lakeman at St David's Hall, I was glad for this gig. I only went to the Sunday evening part of the festival, so I just saw Henry Priestman, Anna Massie Band and Seth Lakeman. The first two weren't bad, I especially liked the Anna Massie Band's jigs and reels, even if my general taste is to songs with words, of which they did only a couple. Sitting down on the gym floor for Henry Priestman felt rather like being back in school, which was somewhat unpleasant, particularly as my mother found it even more uncomfortable than I did and was fairly vocal about it. Not exactly what I expected from a festival. Then again, I didn't exactly expect to be indoors, either!

    Seth himself was really good, of course. No new songs were played, but a lot of the ones he normally plays, and mostly the kind that get the crowd going -- I think the only slower one he played was King and Country.