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  • Avatar for DallasandTexas
    new ep
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    (that too) ;)
  • Avatar for JeromesDream
    @ichhabeversagt9 i got an ipod which doesnt show up on my scrobbles.
  • Avatar for Ichhabeversagt9
    @JeromesDream How should you know? You only listened to these two yet.
  • Avatar for JeromesDream
    Nameless 5 and To Mayumi are your best.
  • Avatar for Shloermo
    sweet jesus yes, ian dickman. yes
  • Avatar for Ichhabeversagt9
    I really love your music, and especially you for this.
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    who the hell is ian dickman
  • Avatar for indietrash
    put up the rest of the stuff on a while ago. check out the site. there's lots of other cool stuff there. :-)
  • Avatar for conquerorz
    Listening to this in the library and silently losing it.
  • Avatar for iiSuicide
    Really good stuff.
  • Avatar for nothere413
  • Avatar for nothere413
    Yeah, why is this tagged as folk punk?
  • Avatar for TamakiHindle
    i love this. downloading everything when i get home.
  • Avatar for indietrash
  • Avatar for laurenlucretia
    <3 this is lovely.
  • Avatar for henry5252515
    gee this is wonderful
  • Avatar for Mattimeoo
    Love it, reminds me a lot of my little brother's stuff:
  • Avatar for see_more_glass_
    so much love for your music it's not even healthy.
  • Avatar for amordemusica
    Well done, ol chap.
  • Avatar for blingmobile
    hey guys, posted a whole bunch of unreleased stuff on if anyone wants the discography when i get done packaging some, ordering info will be on there too (prob. around feb)
  • Avatar for beforetheeulogy
    Or any of his songs, really.
  • Avatar for beforetheeulogy
    By any chance does anyone have the lyrics to Another Song for Her?
  • Avatar for BlueBurns0range
    All stuff with Ethan is just amazing...
  • Avatar for KingOfAnIsland
    much props
  • Avatar for nothere413
    Really enjoying this.
  • Avatar for SlprLkStrght
    And I believed you...what the fuck was wrong with me <3
  • Avatar for BleedWeII
    Oh how I love this
  • Avatar for Yadoso
    I find this both hilarious and.. oddly relatable.
  • Avatar for indietrash
    second tape up on :)
  • Avatar for indietrash
    yes. and it's up for download on
  • Avatar for IreneDemova
    Fuck me this is actually, non-ironically good
  • Avatar for Atticus94
    Tried to find the thread on /mu/ after getting this, but I guess it died. Awesome stuff.
  • Avatar for bananasmew
    the tourist strikes once more in the tag section.
  • Avatar for E-mpy
    raw emotion. i wanna meet this man
  • Avatar for Imperial_Cereal
    good shit man
  • Avatar for OlivierFerland
    Probably the most sincere and honest piece of music since the Loneliest Cowgirls.luulululululu

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