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Hellscion is an independant music project. created by John Webster. Beginning around 2000 in Florida, he created random music with music software & dilapidated computers, trying to develop a unique style of music. Around 2007 he decided the music became a little too unique and decided to start trying to tone it down & make music that others who hadn't been involved with the early development process of 'Hellscion'.

To date his music has been included on a number of projects, including:

IDMF002: Concord, the track "Mysterium"

Violent Work of Art - Alternated Species (the remix album), the track "Stains (Hellscion Remix)

Fature.net - Release of Attacks, the track "Radiance"

Fature.net - Colours from Thought 1 & 2, the tracks "Haunted" and "Remembrance"

As well as a number of solo releases,

No Light to Guide me, Season of Change, Aeon, Insomniac, and Rigid Reflection.

Future projects include:
All that Remains the Same (from fature net, coming in Oct. 2011)
Burning Bridges (to be announced)

For more information on any of the above releases, visit

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