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    is it bad that i just realized the pun w/ hold your horse is?
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    Amazing Band, all of Zach Hill's work is great.
  • Avatar for papabuscemeys
    life advice: do not attempt to keep up with zach's superhuman drumming speed while pedaling a single speed bike, you will break both the bike and your face. i speak from experience
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    I'm a guitarist that loves Hella and is looking to start a band anywhere in the U.S. Playing weird music is the only thing I know and if you're the same and can't find other musicians who share the love for this stuff, why not spend a year or two shredding it up around the U.S. Message me for song samples (i've got about 9 songs ready to be recorded)!
  • Avatar for YertGuy
    proudest ever. hill plays the shit out of the zachs
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    please come to brazil
  • Avatar for BitchesLoveHoss
    hella is not a band. [2]
  • Avatar for taIktostrangers
    best band name 2kforever
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    new album when
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    Hella - 08/08/03 @ 924 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA - Full Set:
  • Avatar for ZERO_SM
    Não há 666 no espaço sideral!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for GriAnd
    True math rock
  • Avatar for deemush
    hella is not a band.
  • Avatar for StoicLogic
    Not sure if it has already been posted. Full documentary of the 2005 european tour:
  • Avatar for AliceReid
    Hella would make everything okay
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  • Avatar for TooYoungTooHot
    rly hope hella finally puts out some new trunes now dat deaf gimps is ded
  • Avatar for spacepotatoss
    waiting for new album
  • Avatar for GasmaskAvenger
    I guess we'll be seeing a new Hella album in the next year or so since Death Grips went bye bye.
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    >implygnin hella IS math rock needs more #bootyswag i need more weed HELLA make my boner hard make way for CADEN MORAN
  • Avatar for JoinTheBluR
    crazy experimental math rock
  • Avatar for kenilla
    I wantz to start drumming!
  • Avatar for DJFender
    what do you mean his, dude. its spencer and zach
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    What is his most experimental/avant-garde album?
  • Avatar for ArsonistSavior
    Acoustics=Hold Your Horse Is=The Devil Isn't Red>Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass>Tripper>There's No 666 In outer Space
  • Avatar for wiginthewind
    The Devil Isn't Red!
  • Avatar for si13n7
    Church Gone Wild / Chirpin Hard>Hold Your Horse Is=Tripper>There's No 666 In Outer Space>The Devil Isn't Red
  • Avatar for zbellizzi
    come to brazil
  • Avatar for osmark
    my fav record is still 666. it just grooves so damn hard.
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    come to brazil
  • Avatar for rafqueiroz
    come to brazil
  • Avatar for Blarobbarg
    So... am I mistaken in thinking that there is another Hella, a German smooth jazz band? Or is the American Hella weirding me out with an album full of jazz songs and German names?
  • Avatar for bEATWEAKer
    I love how the Death Grips fanbrats aren't spamming this shoutbox with their asinine drivel, despite the latest "show performance"
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    come to brazil
  • Avatar for Grapefollowyou
    zach hill could lose both his arms and still be better than any drummer in the world [2]
  • Avatar for dingusdaan
    Better get a broom!
  • Avatar for Giygaszor
    no u
  • Avatar for closedmouth
    shut up
  • Avatar for Taf_ooner
    zach hill could lose both his arms and still be better than any drummer in the world
  • Avatar for henckha
    The name sound funny if you're Finnish...
  • Avatar for Blacoma
    Zach hill>all drummers in the world
  • Avatar for Rain0129
    Dat Spencer Siem <3


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