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Coast Off


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  • Woah, what a layer of sweet sounds.
  • Awesome
  • It makes me feel so good
  • I'm just there
  • great
  • this shit is too depressive
  • Picture from anime 5 Centimeters per Second?
  • Whoooaaa! Great stuff.
  • Crazy good!
  • Would love to see this paired with a great scene in a movie.
  • this song means a lot to me..,one true epic..
  • wonderful.
  • If it was post rock all the other songs on this album would be the exact same with maybe a change in the tempo
  • oh my good god. It's like post-rock but with trip-hop style electronic sounds for the bass beat. It's safe to say I'm in love with this and I'm only half way through with the album.
  • *
  • Everything I need.
  • edjwefhwefw This song is so, so good. Definitely the highlight off Eingya for me. The chanting gives me chills, it's superb!
  • Biking at sunrise to this song in the countryside is something else.
  • the chanting!!!
  • Unfortunately, I've listened to this song so many times that the chanting is no longer giving me goosebumps. Regardless, any song that can give me goosebumps is something truly remarkable.
  • It`s song give me my love. Thank for that_))
  • Мурашки по спине!
  • О даааааааа!!!!!! ( Oh yes!)
  • This song is beyond beautiful ! :D
  • why does the singing @ 3:28 onwards sound so familiar? is it sampled from somewhere? anyone know?
  • i agree. original is so much better. it's only a few subtle differences but the version on the album just FEELS so different because of them.
  • The original version sounds better, imo.
  • threegreed.
  • agreed
  • probably ma favorite track of the album or even overall by Helios..

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