• More Urusei Yatsura Theme Music

    24 Aug 2010, 11:35 by poorshakes

    This is the promised follow up to an earlier Journal entry. That entry from two years ago compiled all six of the opening musical themes of the popular 1980s Japanese TV Series Urusei Yatsura.

    Like B-sides, the Urusei Yatsura ending themes are recorded by the same musicians/singers who recorded the opening themes. These credit sequences aren't much too look at, generally they are blank and simple, leaving space for the end titles. Its fair to say that the music diminishes in quality over the course of the run, albeit with a rally with "Koi no Mobius", before things get a little weak. That said, "Every Day" is much better than its 'A-Side' "Rock the Planet". The power ballad convinces much more than the tinny stadium rock title theme.

    As a bonus I have included one of the OVA series opening themes which has terrific synth-horns and a sleekness in its electronic sequenced beats and bass line.

    #1 "Uchuu wa Taihen Da" by Yuko Matsutani (1981)