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  1. Pagan black metal band from Maastricht, the Netherlands. At the moment Sygwyrd is the only member and also performs all instruments.


  2. Fluisterwoud is a black metal band from the Netherlands. They were founded in 1997.
    Before Fluisterwoud released their first album (Langs galg…

  3. Haatstrijd was born in 2001 as a solo-band of vocalist Nachtvorst. Two demo's were recorded and released on tape in the second year of it's…

  4. Black metal band from Netherlands.
    - 2000 - Magdestein
    - 2001 - Uwer ter Ere
    - 2003 - Maan
    - 2003 - Reliekrover
    - 2004 - Rage…

  5. There are 2 bands with the name Verloren:

    (1) A Black Metal band from Belgium, but their style was/is known amonst their fanbase as "Fag Metal",…

  6. Gheestenland was founded back in 2003 in the far north of The Netherlands. As a one-man band, Gheest recorded the demo "Volkerenmoord"…

  7. Genre
    Raw Black Metal

    Lyrical theme
    Pest, satanism, solitude


    Formed in - Current label
    2005 Heidens Hart …

  8. Botulistum plays a sickeing kind of black metal , which they call "peat metal". Botulistum was formed in the beginning of 1998 by Nachtraaf…

  9. (2003 - 2013)

    Huldrefolk was a west-flemish Black Metal band, known for its use of nature, troll, pest and swamp lyrics. Huldrefolk started off as…

  10. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  11. Black metal band from Belgium. Lyrics about Satanic devotion, death worship.
    - 2005 - Sterrenpracht
    - 2007 - Je m'exalte


  12. Belgian black metal band Kludde was founded in 2001, originated in Aalst. The lyrical themes are mainly folklore tales, pain, hatred etc.

    In 2010,…

  13. Obscure melancholic Black Metal from the Netherlands.
    Their debut "Schimmenwoud" was released in 2008.


  14. Genre: Black Metal
    Lyrical theme(s): War, French revolution

    Origin: Netherlands (Groningen)
    Formed in 2002

    Current line-up:
    Swerc - drums, bass,…

  15. Black metal from Waasmunster, Belgium.
    Formed in 1996 as a band with lyrical themes about Flemish history and trolls while it nowadays has changed…

  16. There are more bands under the name of 'Cultus':

    1)Pagan Black Metal from the Netherlands. Formed in the late nineties. This project released…

  17. Raw Dutch Black Metal, in the vein of Ildjarn and VON.

  18. 1. Dutch Black Metal band:
    Walpurgisnacht is a now defunct Melodic Black Metal band from Brabant, The Netherlands. They play a raw old style black…

  19. Current Line-up:
    Mortifer - vocals, guitar, drums (Raptor, Hell Icon, Hellfire Nemesis)
    Pesthond - vocals, guitar, bass
    S. - guitar, drums (Hypomanie,…


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