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  • Avatar for khayman
    Loving those drums.
  • Avatar for ontzwart
    On repeat.
  • Avatar for BloodOfSisyphus
    Regal music.
  • Avatar for tim4tw
    Why do they have this few industrial tags? There is so much early-Swans and Godflesh in for example Alchera...
  • Avatar for Hiigg
    wow amazing
  • Avatar for rawkuout
    If anyone is looking for Heirs or Fowl on limited edition colored vinyl, they can be purchased here for only $16 each.
  • Avatar for conoPOSTROCKo
    German Review of Hunter:
  • Avatar for railpresureflip
    I saw them with Alcest. They call themselves 'Gothic / industrial' but I did think of them as more Post-Metal any way.
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    preorder now: HEIRS - HUNTER 10''|Cd|MP3. The material sees Heirs strengthening their melodic resolve, and while equally intense, inhabits a less oppressive atmosphere, with the band citing Cocteau Twins & Sisters of Mercy as being influential to their process. listening to HUNTER: - ordering mp3: physical copies: - vinyl version limited to 150 copies on white/ black vinyl and 350 copies on black vinyl. Takk!
  • Avatar for ClownMouse
    These guys were better than the headliners yesterday at Alcest (2)
  • Avatar for Dukonnaire
    These guys were better than the headliners yesterday at Alcest.
  • Avatar for exoticcorpse
    Heirs 'Swine' - Mix Series Vol. 1:
  • Avatar for WiffleBallTony
    North American release imminent! Awesome :)
  • Avatar for Anarx
    Good stuff!
  • Avatar for Morrioghainth
    tocaron ayer nel moog y no sale snif snif mu mal!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ToR1N
    Very much it was pleasant
  • Avatar for ZoOmbie
    didnt really enjoy their live performance at the swingfest but Fowl is such a great album nevertheless
  • Avatar for Bradenkierl
    Can´t stop listening to dust.....
  • Avatar for fafutiz :)
  • Avatar for Deathorse
    Fowl is fucking incredible.
  • Avatar for simonjk
    so what's with the dumbass homophobe?
  • Avatar for P_Function
    so what's with the homo cover art? dumbass gimmicks.
  • Avatar for denovalirecords
    you now can (pre-)order HEIRS - FOWL CD/ LP via - The CD is packed in a special digipak cover. The LP is packed in a heavy matte gatefold cover + a heavy matte printed inner sleeve and available on yellow/white vinyl (150 pcs), yellow/black vinyl (150 pcs), and black vinyl (300 pcs). We also offer preorder shirts with a new design.
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    online now: 2 songs of the upcoming HEIRS and HER NAME IS CALLA records. preorder for both will start on august 29th:;
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    interview with heirs guitarist brent at [url=][/url]
  • Avatar for MaThTech_Deer
    soon new stuff
  • Avatar for annija_ajinna
    free download:
  • Avatar for noizeart
    saw them in vienna about a month or of the best concets this year for me!
  • Avatar for chargethegnar
    album artwork is sick
  • Avatar for LouisSaintJuste
    wow! amazing composition, fucking great piece of music! nevertheless, change the photos, they're really gay.
  • Avatar for szputnyik
    the show in budapest was killer!!
  • Avatar for olimorc
    folks, thanks for the show yesterday @ tűzraktér... soooo see you tonight @ Garabonczias : )
  • Avatar for WakeUpTexas
    i also hate that the other band shows up on the picture, put the real heirs picture up.
  • Avatar for WakeUpTexas
    This page should just be for Heirs from Port Huron. The other Heirs is garbage.
  • Avatar for roberthuston
    port huron REPRESENT~~~!
  • Avatar for Vorphallack
    Fucking amazing live!
  • Avatar for z0z0bra
    at some times their stuff reminds me of GREYMACHINE (especially the intro track)
  • Avatar for denovalirecords
    free download alchera via
  • Avatar for Winterpest
    Haha, I downloaded the tracks that are offered here and was quite suprised when "this is a product" laughs out my speakers. "The Alchera"-Heirs are much better then the other band...
  • Avatar for error-lofi
    Spanish tour on September. More info write me!
  • Avatar for THEHOLYGHOST_
    so excited to finally get Alchera :D!
  • Avatar for kres3k
  • Avatar for tenrapid
    i'm not sure if i'm comfortable with the amount of good Australian stuff i've come across recently - seems wrong! :)
  • Avatar for Krupon
    "Alchera" is absolute genius!
  • Avatar for octobers-advent
    Soooo good at Old Bar on Friday night. Can't wait to see them at Progfest again =D
  • Avatar for tanduk
    Can't wait for Alchera LP! Awesome..
  • Avatar for krumbledkookie
    Yeah, the band from Australia is absolutely incredible. Really amazing, jumps to top records of 2009 list already. Can't wait for the LP to be available.
  • Avatar for simonjk
    Two different bands, burialchamber. The new Heirs record on Denovali/Exo Records is a new band from Melbourne, Australia. definitely excellent!


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