• Hipster Garabe Mixtape: throwback dancing to familiar songs on a sleepy winter day…

    14 Feb 2009, 03:31 by kristyyoung

    I finally made it!

    If you're curious about the title, that is because I initially decided to make it last sunday, while it was gloomy, sort of raining, but a pretty day. I was listening to music that made me feel good, that makes me smile. I'm hoping it will have the same affect on you. There are a lot of string elements, interesting sounds, throwback/ ballroom/ jazzy, familiar tunes (famous for one reason or another). It sort of evolved into nothing of the title because I wanted what I wanted in here, but I just left it as I had it in my itunes.

    I realize some of these songs are kind of girly, but I am a girl and you can channel your inner girl sometimes! Especially right in time for Valentine's Day. I made it as random as possible, there were probably about 70 tracks I considered so these have been carefully considered and selected for your listening pleasure. I'm hoping you get a kick out of at least one of these tracks, even if you have them already. Enjoy! I hope this works... keep your fingers crossed.