• Schwarze Nacht Playlist / February 2007

    12 Mar 2007, 00:40 by mrnin

    //// Schwarze Nacht Playlist / February 2007 ///////////////////////
    //// 1st Floor / DJane Kitten + DJ Thorsten S.///////////////////

    ...unfortunate unsorted & incomplete because of too much alcohol

    * = wishes

    Nine Inch Nails - Happiness in Slavery (5:23)
    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Dear Prudence (3:51)
    The Cure - Boys don't cry (2:37)
    Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane pour moi (3:04)
    The Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy (4:46)
    The Cure - Plastic Passion (2:17)
    Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (4:46)
    Misfits - Monster Mash! (2:41) *
    Rocky Horror Picture Show - Timewarp (3:21) *
    The Toy Dolls - Nellie The Elephant (3:26)
    Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line (4:53)
    The Cure - Jumping someone elses Train (2:58)
    Emilie Autumn - Liar (6:01)
    Deine Lakaien - Reincarnation (4:51) *
    Mila Mar - Djanga (4:51)
    Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Misery (5:05) *
    Bauhaus - King Volcano (3:24)
    And One - So klingt Liebe (3:46)
    Faith and the Muse - Cantus (5:18) *
    Helium Vola - Omnis muni creatura (4:12) *
  • Unmissable upcoming release: X-FUSION - Rotten To The Core

    10 Mar 2007, 16:12 by de_spy

    On April 27th Jan Lehmkämper a.k.a. X-Fusion and Noisuf-X will come up with his next album "Rotten to the core" releaesed on Dark Dimensions/Scanner. On his page you can prelisten to 3 tracks. There will be 3 formats available:
    1. Rotten To The Core [CD/Jewelcase]
    2. Rotten To The Core + Bloody Pictures [2CD limited digipack]
    3. Rotten To The Core + Bloody Pictures + Choir Of Damnation [3CD limited Boxset + Postcard, Sticker and numbered DogTag]

    Rotten To The Core
    01Drowning In Deep Silence
    02Defiled And Raped
    03Dead End
    04Traitors Of Our Age
    05Pitch Black
    07Reap The Whirlwind
    08Rotten To The Core
    09Vicious Eyes
    10My Inner Storm Blows
    11Death Plan
    13This Gloomy Alleyway

    Bloody Pictures
    01Gerasas Demoniac
    02Witness Of Your Decease
    03Bloody Pictures
    04Please Kill Yourself
    06My Inner Storm Blows SUICIDE COMMANDO]
  • It's meme time, baby...

    6 Mar 2007, 16:16 by captainbleep

    (Extra points for you if you got the obscure reference to Tactical Sekt's "You're Fired" in the title)

    Anyway, I came across this meme in someone else's journal and it looked like fun.

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1) The Legendary Pink Dots
    2) Heimataerde
    3) Funker Vogt
    4) Edward Ka-Spel
    5) Dulce Liquido
    6) Haujobb
    7) Darkwood
    8) Agonoize
    9) Feindflug
    10) Skinny Puppy

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    No clue. Something off Homes & Gardens, though.

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?

    Heimataerde - Kadavergehorsam (side note: why the hell is this album not on

    3. What is your favourite lyric of 4?

    Oh geez. There are so many. I'll go with the opening lines of Lisa's Christening:

    "The temple swayed from side to side, we waited at the door
    Reading bibles snorting coke and looking rather bored.
  • February 07 eMusic Haul

    4 Mar 2007, 16:43 by captainbleep

    As it's nearly time for March (downloading) Madness, I might as well dish up my thoughts about February's pile of goodness from eMusic...

    Arovane: Haven't listened to this enough yet... it's alright. Got it because told me it was similar to Ulrich Schnauss. It's more downtempo than Schnauss, though, who tends toward the epically happy electronica type sound.

    Bonobo: Got some stuff off of Dial M for Monkey, but so far it's just taken its place in my downtempo shuffle rotation.

    Feindflug: eMusic recently added their early and (I think) out of print works Im Visier and I._St.G.3! I of course downloaded it all. As well as the rest of Volk und Armee. Now I've got all their major releases. This makes me happy. Um. I mean angry. In a very rigid an Teutonic way. Yes.

    Halou: Some delicious female fronted trip-hop type stuff. Recommendation courtesy of Starfive. Thanks! (PS: Nicole likes it too!)

    Hepcat: Got some stuff off an album I hadn't heard before, Push N Shove. REALLY great songs on here. …
  • January 07 eMusic Haul

    9 Feb 2007, 20:36 by captainbleep

    Well since I'm about to download a bunch more goodies from eMusic, I'd better talk about what I downloaded last month!

    Aghast View - One song off of Phaseknox... it's great pre-futurepop EBM.

    Aiboforcen - Another single song here... but I don't like it at all. The music is great, but it's dark electro fronted by female vocals, which with the possible exception of Unter Null, I just don't like. It's more often than not sung in this sassy rap fashion that's just irritating. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer screaming Mexican and German men. (Although I did pick up a Zombie Girl song from iTunes that I like, We Are The Ones.)

    Feindflug - Bits of Volk und Armee. I'm going to get the rest of it this month. Also I've learned that their really old first albums/EPs/whatever are now available on eMusic!!! Damn straight I'm getting those this month.

    Heimataerde - Got the rest of Kadavergehorsam. Damn this is some good music. One of the few creative dark electro acts out there. …
  • Why I love iTunes (and what it's done to my stats)

    6 Feb 2007, 22:47 by captainbleep

    I love setting things up. My studio. A new computer. Other people's Web sites. iTunes brings out the neat-system freak in massive amounts. It stores 3,579 (currently, anyway) songs that need to be organized, collected, displayed, etc. all according to certain moods and tastes... And with its smart playlists, it lets me go completely berserk with automatic mood configurations. I think I currently have somewhere around 25 individual playlists that I set up myself, with more on the way soon I'm sure.

    By now, all my music is appropriately categorized according to genres I have set up. It's been that way for a while. But the demon that needs slaying now is ratings. 3,579 songs that need ratings... damn. So what I've done is to set up some smart playlists that automatically pick up unrated songs of the specified genre. So that's why you've been seeing (if you've been paying attention) so much Funker Vogt, Covenant, NVMPH, and VNV Nation. It's not that I'm terribly in the mood for all this right now; it's just that I'm rating all my EBM. …
  • Most Wanted Records 2007 / Top New Comer 2006

    29 Jan 2007, 01:52 by MurdochFFM

    After the actually disappointing year 2006 for alternative music now my Personal Most Wanted Albums 2007, too:

    01 Paradise Lost - In Requiem (21.05.2007)
    02 Black Heaven - Kunstwerk (25.05.2007)
    03 t.A.T.u. - Waste Management / Upravleniye Otbrosami
    04 Staubkind - TBA
    05 SITD - Bestie: Mensch (xx.09.2007)
    06 LaFee - Jetzt Erst Recht (06.07.2007)
    07 Tristesse de la Lune - TBA
    08 The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers (21.09.2007)
    09 Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing (13.04.2007)
    10 Alizée - TBA
    11 Sepia - Goodbye Tristesse (27.07.2007)
    12 Trümmerwelten - PsychoTötungsEquipment
    13 Reaper - Hell starts with an H (xx.03.2007)
    14 Rotersand - 1023 (08.06.2007)
    15 Heimataerde - Leben Geben / Leben Nehmen (TBA 2007)
    16 Paradise Lost - The Enemy (13.04.2007)
    17 Combichrist - What The F**K Is Wrong With You People? (02.03.2007)
    18 Das Präparat - THX LD 50 (05.04.2007)
    19 Grendel - Harsh Generation
    20 Lasgo - TBA (xx.xx.2007)
  • Top Songs 2006

    29 Jan 2007, 01:33 by MurdochFFM

  • Top Album Releases 2006

    29 Jan 2007, 00:56 by MurdochFFM

  • Top-CDs 2006

    5 Jan 2007, 17:56 by de_spy

    I have to clear up my profile on the left for upcoming Top-CDs in the new year, so here are my favs of 2006 :) There have been many great CDs last year divided in albums, EPs & singles and compilations. I tried to limit the best ones to a top 3.
    Many well-known bands but also a lot of newcomers were releasing stuff during last year, the most in the following lists is out of the dark electro-genre. Here innovations have been kind of rare and a lot of groundsolid material was produced. But there were some positive exeptions though :)

    Best Albums:

    It's really hard to name a top 3 here. After some dithering I found my favorites in Die Sektor, IWR, Tactical Sekt, UnterArt, Mantus & Janus. But as the CD of Mantus is a best-of and the one of Janus a re-release, I had only decide between the 4 others. That was also kind of logical, because I was mainly listening to dark electro last year. But I couldn't strike off another artist... that's why 4 albums made it in my top 3 ;)