• A New Years techno mix from Frequency Berlin

    1 Feb 2008, 21:07 by vveerrgg

    SHAMUS COGHLAN from (807) Recordings doesn’t normally share is music, but it looks like he’s making 2008 the year to break out of his shell. The people over at the Frequency Berlin Podcast (iTunes | RSS feed) have released a New Years DJ mix by Shamus. I checked it out and liked it, so I thought I’d bump it here on the blog.

    1/3rd of the tracks in this 2 part (one audio file) mix are new never been heard tracks that Shamus has been working on over the past couple of months. I heard some of them here in Toronto before he left for Berlin, they sounded pretty impressive. In a mix they definitely hold their own next to the other artists represented.

    I’m pretty sure at some point he’ll release them either on his record label (807 Recordings) or with another label somewhere along the line.

    It’ll be interesting to see where Shamus will take his music and sound now that he’s in Berlin. Having landed there in October’07, he has been working on setting Berlin as his new home. …