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Florian Hecker was born in 1975 in Augsburg. He currently lives and works in Vienna. Hecker has been working with computer music, independently and in collaboration with other artists such as Farmers Manual, Russell Haswell, Shunichiro Okada, Peter Rehberg, Marcus Schmickler and Yasunao Tone since 1996. In addition, for the recording SUN PANDÄMONIUM, he received the Award of Distinction at the Prix Ars Electronica in 2003.

Hecker (different band) is a Jazz/Funk/Reggae band from Tucson, AZ.

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  • Sun pundamonium gave me goose bumps
  • Holy fuck, holy fuck and holy fuck again! [3]
  • I love the IT ISO release, such subtle bass and sound atmosphere, kinda hard to believe it was made in 1998. Way ahead of its time.
  • ah dang it i ate my speakers by accident
  • New review of Hecker's "Chimerization": http://www.attnmagazine.co.uk/music/6047
  • wow. this is fuckn it
  • Yep.. that Speculative Solution booklet is pretty awesome.. "Metaphysics and extro-science fiction" essay by Meillassoux absolutely rules - I was surprised that contemporary philosophy can be so captivating.
  • He has a MacBook [url=http://www.last.fm/music/Hecker/+images/14508259]here[/url]. Just sayin'.
  • by the way, the 160 page booklet inside the Speculative Solution packaging is tremendously interesting. I wonder what Florian Hecker and Quentin Meillassoux think about the idea of Boltzmann brains. the concept of "hyperchaos" is oddly similar, and strangely enough Hecker's music reminded me of Boltzmann brains long before he applied the concept of hyperchaos to it.
  • He is my fav sound artist ever and Sun Pandämonium is the most satisfying and surreal sonic experince in my life. Though this be madness, yet there's method! This is what noise should be. His compositional processing is completely remote from each other; with Sun Pandämonium music it is like kind of blank... Tracks are designed to be terrifying, but intellectual pleasure of abstract conceptual analysis during close listening turns itself into aesthetic pleasure as part of the Hecker's brilliant "ofness" ideology. That space-time creating through the some of the most sophisticated, schizophrenic and psychedelic sounds ever produced by human is extremely playful and restrictive at the same time. It's all about an explosive blend of lush sounds and harsh noise---of lunatic humour and sophisticated sadism. Just check out the ending of first, second and last track... Hecker's constant malicious doesn't lead to disappointment by any means! Holy fuck, holy fuck and holy fuck again! [2]

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