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The Devil You Know
Heaven & Hell

The Devil You Know


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  • 10/10. every riff in this masterpiece is a treasure!
  • What a gem!
  • Awesome album!
  • 9.5/10, really great
  • The best album of the last decade.
  • Dio's last masterpiece!!
  • Definitely the best Dio-era Black Sabbath album
  • The fourth and final masterpiece from Heaven and Hell.
  • I would like a re-issue with 3 bonus tracks: Devil cried, Shadow of the wind and Ear in the wall!
  • This is EPIC!!!
  • This album is among the best doom metal i've ever heard. Fucking flawless.
  • He said it's a hell of a rock album...if you dont know it don't waiste time and download this kick ass album of the net right now!
  • Discaço de Rock !!!! Se você não conhece não perca tempo baixe da Net este petardo agora mesmo !
  • Awesome album. I love the heaviness ... damn the fucking cancer which took from us this genius Dio.
  • Tony Iommi never disappoints and he still writes the best riffs in metal. Fantastic album!
  • Dio's voice only got better with age. he was strong until the very end. cancer may have taken his life, but not his music. this album is epic. its a shame we'll never get any more
  • Great album \m/
  • Yeah trully Amazing, I don't think somebody else can make such a powerful record at the same age as them. R.I.P Dio
  • not bad ;)
  • Imagine the AGE of the members when they recorded it... It's not masterpiece, it's LEGENDARY.
  • 100 plays
  • Bible Black FTW !!!!!!!!!! \m/
  • True masterpiece
  • master-fucking-piece! [2]
  • master-fucking-piece!
  • \,,/ Dioooo forever \,,/
  • This album is fucking phenomenal, every song is perfect!
  • why wont this show up in any searches?
  • Legal issues? The monicker "Black Sabbath" is a total property of Tony Iommi (registered in the year 1986, if i remind well). The only pending legal issue is the one claimed recently by Ozzy for obtaining money from the name of the band, but he can't win. The decision to use the new name "Heaven & Hell" was for making fans understand the real nature of the reunion (underlining the presence of Ronnie) and the consequent choice of playing only the songs of the Dio Years
  • It wasn't released as a Sabbath album because of legal issues. But who really cares? They are officially named "Heaven & Hell". This means that they are playing stuff from "Heaven and Hell", "Mob Rules", "Dehumanizer", "The Dio Years" and "The Devil You Known". It's Sabbath with Dio with the name of the album that made this line-up famous. They are a great band to see live, I enjoyed it very much!!! Dio, Iommi and Geezer kick ass!!!
  • Although the line up may be one of sabbaths this album has not been released as a sabbath album is the point i'm making and you look at them tags and the bands i'd say they work well together i am not a troll lol
  • Brilliant album.
  • it's not a sabbath album you fucking retard
  • great album
  • LOVE IT. Favorites include Bible Black, Rock 'N' Roll Angel, Eating The Cannibals, Fear, and Double The Pain.
  • Brilliant, although I miss the speed and energy of some of the songs in "Dehumanizer".
  • Dio and company just don't disappoint ^^.
  • Succesful album is succesful
  • this new album is full of fucking WIN - tonys riffs are great times as always and Dio smashes other singers to death with his vocals - he is old as hell and still sounds perfect - simply amazing - him halford and dickinson are the three masters of vocals "what about ozzy!?!?" he does not even rank in the top 50 imo - Dio Sabbath is so much better i think. Great album
  • Winsauce.
  • Masters Of Metal can't go wrong !
  • awesome !!
  • Really good
  • \m/ \m/
  • Fuck yes
  • great!!!!!!!!


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