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  • Avatar for nopuppet
    thrash or be fuckin heathen thrashed!
  • Avatar for xTHRxASHx
  • Avatar for Eliallday
    heaven yeah!\m/
  • Avatar for Kermit-Warfrog
    So fucking nice and the lyrics kicks ass too!!!
  • Avatar for soullessmate
  • Avatar for Katorevenge
    Hmm... Very complex Thrash here. I like it. I think.
  • Avatar for koziatek
    fuck religeon!!!!!
  • Avatar for megadave70
    Yea dude, I hate them - Fuck style, and this band sucks too. Hair or NO HAIR !!!! I've been waiting for months for this shitty song to come up again so I could leave his comment. I feel soo much better now!!! \m/
  • Avatar for Ssomeonee
    song rapes
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Such a awesome song.. Heathen fuckin Rules!!!
  • Avatar for Justgotmyperiod
    @meagdave You hated them because their singer dressed like a normal human being? Wearing leather and growing your hair out is going a little outta style bro.
  • Avatar for megadave70
    I just saw these guys back with Destruction in May. The vocalist did NOT impress me. Sounds like shit, very little stage presence, dresses like somebody's dad out at a family picnic. LOL!!! This is metal bro - get with it!! (Grow your hair back, get a tattoo, a piercing, something) Warbeast blew you off the fucking stage!!!
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Intro/outro rules from this song!!
  • Avatar for kvltovheather
    wowwww blew my mind!!
  • Avatar for WestfieldCo
    Killer song! First time hearing it
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    This song is so fucking Good!! Heathen Rules \M/
  • Avatar for davidsakh
    I'm not even religious and this album's endless preaching is a little tiresome - but I guess you could call it a 'concept' album. Either way, solid thrash.
  • Avatar for WARDOGG47
  • Avatar for dasoverkill
    now this is good
  • Avatar for hotrod1968
    Another of the Bay Area Thrashers!!! The Bay Area of California produced some of the best Thrash bands to ever come onto the scene, even if some didn;t make it into the realm of mainstream and sell-out like some other bands!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ailirammah
    muito boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mesmo
  • Avatar for qlacs
    Awesome intro
  • Avatar for solula64
    I Fuckin' Metal my respetos!!!!
  • Avatar for dethmaShine
  • Avatar for sG4RYt
    awesome song. Great lyrics too
  • Avatar for Thrashaholico
    Sounds a bit like Anthrax. [2] but better!!!
  • Avatar for steelgolem
    Holy shit that's heavy.
  • Avatar for skidvicious
    freekin' insane.these guys would scare my parents away
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Awesome song.. Think my favorite Heathen song \m/ \m/
  • Avatar for nolanlewis
    Heathen just rock like a mad elephant in heat. Those riffs just groove and slam like nothing else. The new thrash bands are great no doubt but the old guard of thrash wrote songs that would stick with you for ages.
  • Avatar for nalo503
    Fuck yeah!! Heathen
  • Avatar for shocleitor
  • Avatar for uncommonstature
    Fuck yeah Reverie. New school thrash apart from some exceptions, is lame.
  • Avatar for hellfire880
    old thrash the best
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    Such a Awesome song
  • Avatar for Eraser1975
    Awesome!!! I kind of see where the Vio-lence vocals came from. Was it the same dude?. I don't know they are both bay area bands......
  • Avatar for TrueBlood4ever
    These guys can really thrash their ASSES off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Avatar for RhysTerk
    This is a lesson in how to make awesome riffs :D
  • Avatar for kriskronos
    oh yes have'nt listened for months ..holy wars neverending check those guitar assaults man complete orgasmatroniks hail from u.k YEAH!
  • Avatar for muffy666
    Classic Thrash tune. The Intros were always a bit too long.
  • Avatar for Sonster
    one of the best guitar duo... crazy solos.
  • Avatar for MostAncientOne
    Yessssssssssss - fucking true thrash attack!!!
  • Avatar for triplesixx
    Truly good. I think they are not only good at thrash metal, but they also have the skillz to be black metal or death metal. They sound like a thrash / power metal grind. Good song.
  • Avatar for Thr4shTillDeath
    epic song
  • Avatar for brutalerection
    And that how u play thrash metal kids!!!
  • Avatar for mortician_
  • Avatar for kimmienance
    ME LIKEY!!!!! :-)
  • Avatar for kriskronos
    1:06 yes work it out ha ha thrash hash hash chugga chugga chug bang you cerebrum hammer smashed thrash attack METAL COMMAND
  • Avatar for kriskronos
  • Avatar for jeffwolfwars131
    Awesom great album!


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