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im pretty bad at keeping this updated... but i should at least mention where im gunna be in the next few weeks .. i just did a usa tour which was very good, about 15 gigs in 3 weeks. The americans are footcrab crazy!! Last week was ukriane; the club was under a bridge, outdoors, pretty great, reminded me of the first year of outlook... i had to sign a awful lot of records and flyers too, im not at all used to that.. and this past weekend was fusion festival , somewhere in germany.. that too was quite amazing, its like the east german version of burning man. Pity i never got to really see much of it due to a late arrival. Doing the 1-4am set tho was a pleasure, they, like most, got everything from house, techno, funky, electro , juke and of course dubstep, i need more pitch on the turntables sometimes tho. So if you hear me trying to correct myself its usually due to lack of room on the pitch. Unfortunately i watched england play germany in the hotel, Germany, with about 70 germans. Wish i never watched it, was painful. At least im up on the horse racing thanks to ascot this year, bookies lost about 50 million due to so many winners coming in.

maybe see you at some point???, im off to japan next week to play 2 gigs.. one at module and one somewhere else but the place escapes me. then back to do amsterdam then helsinki and applepips in bristol (23rd / 24th)


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