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  • Avatar for CrabHammer1
    That double vinyl package.....
  • Avatar for Alexburne
    For "Norma Jean" and "Every Time I Die" fans
  • Avatar for Fa1nt_30
    I Am Hollywood best their album
  • Avatar for knight_88
    I need the new album, NOW!
  • Avatar for Dylan1195
    Finally a decent band that's actually from NC. Makes me proud to live here in NC
  • Avatar for mr_vivi83
    wow. the waits been so worth it.
  • Avatar for BlackProject
    the new track is fucking incredible
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    yeah, i knew it was worth waiting for it. i don't think they are able to disappoint me. freaking loved their new song
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    guess they like torturing their fans, huh? come on, give us the goddamn new song already
  • Avatar for dead2self
    omg excite
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    New song Friday. Whoop Whoop
  • Avatar for DwaynieAD
    Meet At Sundown has a new 6 songs out. lastfm is giving us trouble uploading but you can check it out on reverbnation if you wish
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    I got Reggie and the Full Effect to cover Dicephalous. Check out the link -->
  • Avatar for Parasitical
    My video of their new song and some old ones performed in Austin here:
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    Yeah the bass fits so nice on this song. Schuylar doing a raspier yell this time around huh?! I'm all for it. Hope someone uploads better audio quality. How do you know the name of the song?
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    THANKS for the link. Cant wait for the album.
  • Avatar for k_rivers
    so what the hell happened to this band
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    "Guitars are done!!! And they sound oh so delicious!!!" this is happening...this is really happening...we waited for so we can all be happy again...we all have a reason to live again.
  • Avatar for DickChlenz
    Hello everyone! We've just released our new EP, please check it out if you dig southern hardcore
  • Avatar for knight_88
    These guys are one of my favorite bands ever. Can't wait for new music!!!
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    My body is ready VV
  • Avatar for inwaves7
    Holy shit, they're about to go into the studio. Is this real life?
  • Avatar for mistermeatbone
    Fucking right, I am Hollywood is unique.
  • Avatar for Ivar91
    I Am Hollywood is one of the most unique post-hardcore albums I've ever heard [2]
  • Avatar for TheAmazingKoopa
    I Am Hollywood is one of the most unique post-hardcore albums I've ever heard
  • Avatar for inwaves7
    Here ya go:
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    can't find it either.
  • Avatar for Mario_57
    can't find that song, where did you get it ?
  • Avatar for inwaves7
    If anyone wants something to help tide you over until new HIL, check out the song A Floating Head by Beard Beautiful. It's got Schuylar on vocals and it's good. I just stumbled upon it.
  • Avatar for inwaves7
    Looks like they're officially in pre-production for the new album. Can't wait to hear this thing! Very curious as to what direction the music will go in, since they've done something different on every album thus far.
  • Avatar for inwaves7
    Btw, I'm the artist formerly known as noahjohnston91, for the old Legend fans I used to converse with on here. Looking forward to new discussions once the new album is in the works!
  • Avatar for inwaves7
    Bummed that Steve is leaving, but super stoked on some new material finally. I know they wouldn't continue on without him unless they knew it would be worth it.
  • Avatar for Mario_57
    Stoked to have them really back, POUR IT OUT
  • Avatar for CrabHammer1
    Check their latest facebook post. Much good news!
  • Avatar for errydayimhustln
    Petahhhh, you are the best person.
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    I'm getting James Dewees of Reggie and the Full Effect to cover Dicephalous. hell yeah.
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    Unholy Tongues (Matt Williams - Bassist of He Is Legend) released their second album which you can hear at Show some support!
  • Avatar for DwaynieAD
    My band plays heavy southern metal, Download our ep for free and If you like it add us here on last fm Check us out on facebook or check out our website
  • Avatar for Owantjaaaa
    I was so excited when they reunited in december 2011..
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    Yeah, Unholy Toungues. The music is great, I personally would like to hear them with vocals though. He Is Legend should at least put one new song out there for the fans having to wait this whole time. Matt wont take anymore questions on his Formspring about the new material, sadly.
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    And Matt is bassist for a post-rock band? These guys always surprise me.
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    I sure would love to hear a new single...i wonder what they are going to sound like in their new material.
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    Apocalypse passed us by and were still waiting for new tunes! Hope they put something out soon. New single maybe?
  • Avatar for zoejuana
    v agreed
  • Avatar for Astray12
    China White III is so fucking amazing!
  • Avatar for metallicbrain
    A friend of mine from high school is in a band that's opening for you guys at Swayze's. What the fuck. I'm definitely going.
  • Avatar for billybedwetter
    this wait is killing me...NEW ALBUM NOW!
  • Avatar for gim53
  • Avatar for jigsawman1000
    Correction!!!It hates you is on the same level as I am Hollywood.Masterpiece!!!
  • Avatar for Petahhhh
    v If I could report this spammer, I would...


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