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  • Avatar for TravelOrange
    @bionicbigfoots: sure Tron was a rip-off, conceived by Disney, what would you expect?! Sounds more like Rocky Horror Pic Show Meat Loaf-like melody? Anyway, 2day it´s Lady Gaga, in those days we had some more freaks, or did we? or were WE?!
  • Avatar for Lenrd
    I fucking love this song.
  • Avatar for wretched-one
    Behold...another great song!!
  • Avatar for nomoresongs
    I think this song is not about space but about sex, and the final Amen is a cosmic orgasm.
  • Avatar for wolfy76484
    It is a classic for people that lived through it...Breaking Glass was a iconic film at the time..
  • Avatar for abunono
    Jangan menangis ketika hujan datang!
  • Avatar for flickothewrist
    Don't know how i would categorize this one but her ridiculous vocals thrill the hell out of me, a kinda 80's Ting Tings maybe, miles away from a classic but a little ditty that has something that always excites, superb
  • Avatar for Retro_Saiyan
    This song is more fun than being thrown off a cliff.
  • Avatar for karlkandinsky
  • Avatar for bionicbigfoots
    oooh, a live version of this! Tron totally ripped off Breaking Glass.
  • Avatar for NitaD1
    This is great!!!!!!! Amen...............
  • Avatar for kissmenumb
  • Avatar for alexia_N
    I love this song
  • Avatar for electrictiger7
    cannot find this track anywhere, but my little friends, i will find it. i am using it in a, science fiction book, film i am writing. where a computer decides, he is the new god. on the seventh day, he rested, on the eigth day i was born.
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
    Use to love this....... Still do!
  • Avatar for Elodave
    Nice to be of use!!!!
  • Avatar for crazykaz02
    brill thaanks forgot about her
  • Avatar for Elodave
    Superb-it will happen,you mark my words-the machines have taken my job more than once,and doubtless it will happen again.Were the Luddites right?We shall see.
  • Avatar for zak_neutron
    Fantastic - underrated track.....
  • Avatar for sub3000
    "They have a plan"
  • Avatar for suedehead195752
    spooky she could be rite x
  • Avatar for suedehead195752
    lets ave a gas wkd shes a babe x
  • Avatar for Vinyltrap
    Talented Lady !....Fantastic Song!....
  • Avatar for An80sMan
  • Avatar for Currykev63
    Wow...good memories. Fantastic song.
  • Avatar for trickyb_uk
    Great track - i seem to recall some story about the making of the video, where she was sewn into a full body suit for hours and hours...?
  • Avatar for TrinityP
    The dogs...... you had to be there!!!!! what an old fart I am
  • Avatar for punkpirate33
    a blinding light
  • Avatar for Darlatlc
    Totally agree, AMEN.
  • Avatar for NMS67
    AMEN , AMEN , AMEN !!!!!

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