• Autocorrections: Artists for Auto-Batch Voting

    25 Mar 2013, 13:17 by Cranigen

    You can vote for the tracks without much effort using the Artists Auto Batch-Voting System (credits found on the hyperlink on a post by c4t2007).
    This saves the effort of manually voting for the corrections by yourself.
    A Check note (✓) indicates that the Mistag already redirects to the correct tag, but please don't exclude it from the batch track voter, the more votes the better.
    1st batch (Link to Post)

    The Hobbit Soundtrack
    =Howard Shore

    Godspeed You! Balck Emperor
    =Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт
    = Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Yousuke Yasui

  • Meaw - Pair*

    21 Jan 2012, 23:41 by djwbread

    Meaw - Впервые дует появился в 2011 году в промо ролике с пометкой PV с чего многие решили что это образ Vocaloid3, которого все ждали. Другие слухи говорили о двух сестрах близнецах из Тайланда, что это они исполняют песни дуэта. Послушав хоть один трек будет понятно что это синтезированный звук, аналогичный вокалойдам, и многие считают что это именно третьего вокалойда голос. Подтверждений ни одной теории пока нет.

    Meaw (メーウ) это название дуэта «виртуальных идолов» Mee (розовые волосы, произносится как «Ми») и Aw (синие волосы, произносится как «У»), которые читается буквально как Мяу.

    Дуэт исполнил 3 композиции для аниме Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei, которые вошли в сингл альбом Pair*
    Аранжировка и оригинальная музыка, известного в среде вокалойдов, Kobayashi Onix, написавшего много песен для Hatsune Miku.

    Полная версия ролика Meaw Pair Factory Mix PV Full ver. вышла в ограниченной версии сингла с DVD. Его можно просмотреть на сайте Runsite.
  • Celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 4th Birthday with 33 new Miku releases from HearJapan!

    1 Sep 2011, 05:45 by Hear-Japan

    Celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 4th Birthday with 33 new Miku releases from HearJapan!

    Yokohama, Japan — September 1st, 2011 — It’s that time of year again.
    Time to celebrate the birthday of the single biggest icon in
    history, Hatsune Miku! And boy, have we ever got a massive collection
    of new music for you to celebrate with!

    There are 33, count ‘em 33 NEW releases, ranging from single songs to
    full-fledged albums, all in the spirit of celebrating the birthday of
    Miku. This outpouring of love includes everything from electro to soft
    ballads, house, funk and metal. There are plenty of feel-good, upbeat
    songs to get you grooving and moving, as well as one or two that might
    make you think twice. (See if you can find them!)

    In all there are far too many great releases to cover here. You can
    find each and every one in detail through the link below, as well as
    browse through our exhaustive list of other vocaloid releases.

  • Hatsune Miku Kanji+Romaji Lyrics

    18 Apr 2011, 18:18 by clyxic

    the Kanji+Romaji lyrics of some Miku songs can be found here. as of now there are 27 of them. please take a look~

    alternatively, you can find other anime songs/Perfume lyrics too.

    初音ミク Hatsune Miku Miku Hatsune Perfume
  • Some lyrics

    12 Dec 2010, 09:56 by slevir

    Some lyrics, romanised by me - just in case anyone will find them useful. I left original kanji lines for those who interested. I don't mind posting them to other resources, but please give credit to me for romanisation. Don't forget that I didn't made actual lyrics.
    Романизованные мной тексты некоторых песен - если кому-нибудь они пригодятся. Я также оставил оригинальные строки с кандзи для тех, кому интересно. Я не против перепоста этой романизации, но, пожалуйста, не забывайте упоминать меня как автора романизации. Не забывайте, что не я написал сами стихи.

    Song list, sorted by performer. I won't bother to sort actual lyrics, so please use your browser's search function
    Список песен, отсортированный по исполнителю. Я не буду сортировать сами стихи, так что, пожалуйста, используйте функцию поиска вашего браузера.

    fripSideOnly my railgun
    Hatsune MikuWhite Letter
    LiaMy Soul, Your Beats
    Tomatsu HarukaKoi no Uta

    flipSide — only my railgun

  • To Be (Mainstream) or Not To Be (Mainstream)?

    8 Apr 2010, 20:14 by Ennish

    I've always wondered whether or not my music taste can be considered "mainstream" one way or another. An unpopular artist that I like in my country could be famous in another. Let's see what these numbers can tell me.

    Step 1: List your top 25 artists and how many listeners they have.

    David Bowie - 1,738,205 listeners
    The Doors - 1,629,356 listeners
    Nobuo Uematsu - 211,662 listeners
    Hatsune Miku - 5,150 listeners
    Kalafina - 15,698 listeners
    Mamoru Miyano - 683 listeners
    ALI PROJECT - 36,347 listeners
    Queen - 2,061,001 listeners
    The Velvet Underground - 1,056,267 listeners
    Yuki Kajiura - 58,083 listeners
    The Seatbelts - 54,109 listeners
    DEPAPEPE - 9,570 listeners
    KOKIA - 28,876 listeners
    Kaito - 29,203 listeners
    Junya Nakano, Massashi Hamauzu, and Nobuo Uematsu - 260 listeners
    Maaya Sakamoto - 91,548 listeners
    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - 275,151 listeners
    Dai - 5,579 listeners
    Shiro Sagisu - 67,010 listeners
    Taku Iwasaki - 31,103 listeners
    ORANGE RANGE - 125,529 listeners
  • HearJapan Gives You Presents For Hatsune Miku's Day

    9 Mar 2010, 18:28 by Hear_Japan

    Yokohama, Japan – March 9th, 2010 – Why is March 9th Hatsune Miku’s day? Well in Japanese 3 (mi) + 9 (ku) = Miku! To celebrate another year of mesmerizing music from the world’s premiere Vocaloid singing idol Hatsune Miku, HearJapan and Crypton Future Media are teaming up to bring you, yes YOU, a load of presents for Miku’s day!

    Well OK, there is a small catch. First you need to download a selection of 10 free Vocaloid samples from Hatsune Miku Treasure Hunt at HearJapan. No, really, they’re all free! The only problem is that they seem to be missing their names. What you need to do is sift through the Vocaloid collection on HearJapan (that’s over 150 releases!) by listening to the 30 second samples and figure out the names of all 10 songs. The songs are a selection of both new and old tunes, possibly even the newest AVTechNO! – “Free” and Re:nG – “Nextone – Krnt Edit – “ releases. Ten lucky winners will be randomly picked from the correct answers.
  • Top 5 for my Top 10

    31 Jan 2010, 21:06 by Ennish

  • Because this is much more interesting than doing homework...

    22 Jan 2010, 05:04 by Ennish

    ...I'm going to break down my top 10 artists (took this from SueBoBoo's journal).

    1. David Bowie

    First Heard: Changes, most likely.
    Fell in Love With: Life on Mars? (Reality Tour version)
    Currently Loving: Quicksand (Acoustic, 1997) and Warszawa (Live) (2005 Digital Remaster)

    2. Nobuo Uematsu

    First Heard: One-Winged Angel
    Fell in Love With: One-Winged Angel (orchestral version)
    Currently Loving: Melodies of Life ~English~ (Performed by Emiko Shiratori, written by Uematsu)

    3. The Doors

    First Heard: Light My Fire, probably
    Fell in Love With: Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
    Currently Loving: The End

    4. Hatsune Miku

    First Heard: Ievan Polka (Originally by Loituma)
    Fell in Love With: Kimi wo Nosete (Carrying You) (from the movie "Laputa: Castle in the Sky")
    Currently Loving: Marionette Syndrome

    5. Mamoru Miyano

    Fell in Love With: GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE
    Currently Loving: Hikari no Sasu Basho


    First Heard: Yuukyou Seishunka
  • Happy Birthday + A More Inquisitive Survey

    9 Jan 2010, 00:10 by Ennish

    First of all, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to some musicians/singers that have been important to my life thus far:

    1. Elvis Presley (would have been 75) - Grew up listening to his music quite a lot via the radio, my dad playing his stuff on the guitar (he's a big fan of Elvis), and putting the Lilo and Stitch Original Soundtrack on repeat when I got it back in 2002. I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I greatly admire all that he's done and how he changed not just rock 'n roll, but music as we know it. I even did a project on him back in middle school thanks to the influence my parents and the CD put upon me. He's also been greatly admired by...

    2. David Bowie (63) - Ah. Bowie. If it weren't for those two concerts I saw on TV this past summer, a couple of interviews on YouTube, and my dad constantly strumming the opening chords to Space Oddity, I wouldn't be writing this right now. He's been a great inspiration and hero to me ever since I got into him back in September. …