• Name that tune/next line

    14 May 2006, 15:00 by jigsaw250

    Name That Tune is fun, isn't it?

    Here are the first line/few lines from the current 50 randomly-chosen tracks in my iTunes Party Shuffle playlist, excluding instrumentals and those whose lyrics I couldn't decipher.

    Tell me the name and the artist for each, via the comments. You can also give me the next line or lines.

    I will reveal correctly-guessed lyrics in the list by underlining them. The artists are listed as Connections at the bottom of this post and I'll also italicise them as they are guessed. (N.B. some artists have more than one track in the list.)

    Let's play! Have a fun!

    Oh, and looking up or web-searching for the answers is of course unsportsmanly and very much forbidden.

    1. D'you see the face on the TV screen coming at you every Sunday? Jesus He Knows Me
    2. The dreamer, the unwoken fool Eldorado Finale
    3. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it
    4. The Wheel of Fortune goes spinning around
    5. Right now you have the urge to eat something.