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  • so so so so good
  • awesome song.... gamedeerchrystalantlershoofcastlesstiltstickarbouretumhunter - forest animals taking over :B
  • too too good.
  • This song is so summery.
  • oh god! nice tunnee!!
  • for the ScEnE
  • brilliant song, never fails to make me smile
  • Love this so fucking much.
  • so addictive
  • I'm listening to this song and I feel this is one I can leave on repeat.
  • this song is sooooo good
  • Fantastic!
  • Fun as sh! this song!
  • awe-some
  • mañiiiiiiificoooooo!!!!!!!
  • que gran comienzo de tema.....
  • Ah I love this band. @ proximus1986: I think it's either leopard or leper...not sure, haha.
  • cooooooooooool band
  • in "strictly games" at 2.23 "im sick of dressing as a human when im feeling like a ???!" whats the last word? leper? GREAT SONG
  • I agree with beto85. Song of the year so far. "This will be a better a year"! Anyone has the complete lyrics of this song?
  • Song of the year


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