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  • rikrijean


    August 2012
  • dedrabbit42

    It's too bad that there is someone who is only going to listen to this one song (or pretty much any other live Hardline track) and immediately write them off...

    May 2011
  • dedrabbit42

    Who the hell is singing those backup vocals in this live version? Ack!

    May 2011
  • iglamont

    Today this suits my mood perfectly :-)

    December 2010
  • RenataaK

    Why only a night?...;))))))) I ♥ it !

    July 2010
  • RenataaK

    yesss... only a night

    May 2010
  • AORradioFM

    Welcome to my radio

    January 2009
  • posion28

    love the song you guys rock

    December 2007
  • hellriders

    great song

    October 2007