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There are more than one band under this name:

1) Harbinger is an Indie-Rock artist from Corona, CA. Music and lyrics are written by Jon Esqueda, with the help of recording members: Stephen Taylor, Ricardo Santiago, Abdel Dakhil, and Michael Tucker.

'"Cold Hands" is the inevitable journey of love and loss, with each song leading into another as the story unfolds. Yet, every song possesses individuality. The opening track, "Home," describes a longing for love that has yet to be revealed, with an innate drive to pursue further. "Idyllwild" is an upbeat, percussion-filled track, which invites feelings of spontaneity. On another hand, "Shores" sifts through the potential fears of trust and affection, while being accompanied by a captivating, coastal groove. In the track "Summer Light," its initial simplicity unfolds into unbridled passion, which then captivates the listener; enticing them to bask in its warmth. "Lost Cause" explores love-lost that has overtaken the hope and desire to move forward in a severed relationship, repeatedly chanting the anthem, "Get up…Get out…There's no more love in this house!" The final track, "Haunt Me," is an ambient, acoustic gem, expressing regret through its message, "I didn't fight for love…for life" as if considering them one in the same. As the experience comes to an end, it leaves the listener wanting to start from the beginning, again and again…" – Brady Kerr (Sketched By Hand)


2) Harbinger is a progressive-rock quartet formed in the depths of middle Tennessee. Their debut album, The Incoming Outcome, embarks the listener on a sonic journey through time and space, taking one places books can not. Ear drums will rupture and eyes will moisten at the sight and sound of The Incoming Outcome. Musical greats such as Eric Klaptone, Rob Dylan, and Jim Hendrick highly recommend this stunning debut masterpiece. Harbinger sets a new precedent, composing songs with no regard to time constraints or the traditional strophic form. The Incoming Outcome’s unified song cycle bridges the gap from heavy and dissonant to melodic and memorable.
For tour dates and media visit:

3) Harbinger is a band formed in 1997 in Berkeley, California featuring three prominent members from the East Bay punk scene: Robert Eggplant (vocals/guitar), formerly of Blatz, The Hope Bombs, and editor of the zine Absolutely Zippo, Aaron Cometbus (drums), founding member of Crimpshrine and author of legendary punk zine Cometbus, John Geek (bass/vocals) of Fleshies and the S.P.A.M. Records collective.

Harbinger has performed at Geekfest and numerous other venues.

In 2005 they released a 10-song LP on Riisk entitled Challenging The Prevailing Judeo-Christian Doomsday Mentality. The songs were recorded by Kevin Army in 2001.

4) Harbinger is a modern speed-metal band from Michigan, US. They released their first full-length album in 2009 through Planet Metal records entitled “Doom on You”.

More information can be found at their official website: www.myspace.com/harbingermetal

5) Companion piece to Dave Bixby's epic 'Ode to Quetzalcoatl'. Excellent acoustic lost folk psych with 12-string that sounds like a sitar at times, harmony vocals. A strange little beast full of murky strum darkness, cosmic imagery, and rich vocals.
Hard to know what this group was aiming for with an equal mix of cosmic and biblical references. Musically, this has more in common with Leopoldian despair than any Jesus Music counterparts. They even appropriate the melodies to Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and the Beatles’ “You Can’t See Me”! File under: Tripping For Jesus. …’the psychedelic sounds of the dirty circus grounds’.

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