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HAPPY THE MAN biography
One of the finest American prog bands. Completely out of the american standards, HAPPY THE MAN combined lush melodies, great complex interplay and a slightly jazzy touch with occasional vocals. The band claims to be influenced by GENESIS, Yes, and GENTLE GIANT although they really do not sound anything like any of those bands.

Their first two albums, the self titled "Happy the Man" and "Crafty Hands" (almost entirely instrumental) are classic albums of the highest order, and are considered by the band to be the definitive releases in their catalogue. These are must haves. A reference point in the 70's US prog scene!

Their 3rd album, "Third, Better Late…." was released after the group ceased to exist in 1978

The liner notes for the "best of" package entitled "Retrospective" aptly calls this group "The greatest band you've never heard." This is a more than accurate statement.

Experimental, hard driving Jazz/Rock Fusion or Progressive are both interchangeable adjectives when referring to Happy The Man.

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