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  • The way I look at it, you're gay if you don't like this song because you can't come out of the closet and embrace the greatness of this song.
  • looove this song :):):)
  • live version?!
  • my childhood!!!
  • <33!
  • <3
  • 'gay', hmm, witty insult you have there.
  • uuuy estaba en la secu, con esa cancion hace mil años jajaja, muy buena!
  • I only listen to this song cuz of my best friend Sara ALWAYS listen to them everyday when it first came out, I was never into this band lol, haha I also though they were girls too and use to make fun of my best friend about those girls then later on we founded out that they were guyz! So yea this is one hit wonders song back in the days =P
  • band's name is also gay
  • and its a really gay title too
  • every time i hear this song i wanna shoot myself. no song could get more gayer than this
  • mattdh12: Have I ever dined with you? Someone did that last week, (people started to get angry and asked if it could be unplugged)... I had to jump on and hear the song again. Brought back memories. :)
  • oh my goodness- hanson live....teeny boppers screaming in unison....woah, what a treat....Ohhhh----screammmmmmm.....I just can't handle myself when a member of hanson says, Ohhhh
  • this is the definition of guilty pleasure.
  • I've liked this song since I was 13. And now it's ten years later and I still play it. It's just one of those kind of songs that you can use as a great excuse to act like a kid again. I'll probably still have the CD when I'm 40!!
  • Which Hanson dude does the skratching on this tune? Gives QBert a run for his money.
  • in restaurants with jukeboxes i love to put in up to 5 dollars and play this song 20 times in a row, it is hilarious.
  • a guilty pleasure :)
  • My god, it has been a while. Brings back memories.
  • I love Hanson.
  • A montage on an Futurama with this as a backing track led me to venture to iTunes to get Mmmbop - great up-beat track.
  • best pop song
  • Hahahhaha; memories. ;D
  • agree wid'u
  • what a blast from the past, great song!
  • This song is almost as legendary as me
  • dudeeee i love this.
  • h@x
  • must get more songs like this one
  • Nostalgia!
  • This is good shit.


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