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  • Avatar for illusionvalley
    I didn't know Zimmer was scoring the film until I was in the cinema viewing it. Within moments, I knew it was his work. Brilliant, as usual. He really captures every unique essence of the film and mirrors each moment through grand, atmospheric sound, yet his own trademark sound remains imprinted everywhere.
  • Avatar for tanyadanya
    Perfect movie, great soundtrack!! [3]
  • Avatar for eudorfina
    Perfect movie, great soundtrack!! [2]
  • Avatar for Pazuzuking
    Haven't seen Holmes , but like this..
  • Avatar for Skoda110LS
    Perfect movie, great soundtrack!!
  • Avatar for Caeldom
    Words cannot describe.
  • Avatar for redeemedqueen
    Amazing, Hans Zimmer does it again. He always manages to come up with something new.
  • Avatar for Jerplay
    Perfect soundtrack for this movie for sure! Well written.
  • Avatar for Evil_Deed
    Фильм так себе, но вод саунд шикарен просто
  • Avatar for joeybuddy96
    I wonder if Zimmer has his tracks named for him by the marketing department. I mean, look at the way the classical composers of the 19th century titled their tracks. Just seems too convenient.
  • Avatar for i-iridescent-t
    Awesome music for an awesome movie... ♥
  • Avatar for Septacle
    yep that is me
  • Avatar for ccm_
    this is so good.
  • Avatar for hannapum
    this is the BEST ever!
  • Avatar for snappygirl
    good music, good movie
  • Avatar for ThatLastGuy_
    Love this track! I can listen to it forever.
  • Avatar for flowerinurhand
  • Avatar for Magikm
  • Avatar for takeabow2007
    Should've won the Oscar for this score. One of my favourites in YEARS! <3
  • Avatar for Curt_Steelson_
    Great music. I like "Discombobulate" very much.
  • Avatar for Guschdel1
    This and Panic, Shear Bloody Panic are my favorites from the soundtrack. Really a fun song. [2]
  • Avatar for IzzyIzzguard
    This and Panic, Shear Bloody Panic are my favorites from the soundtrack. Really a fun song.
  • Avatar for poorperdita
    this is just fun
  • Avatar for ThatLastGuy_
  • Avatar for Ms-SunShine
  • Avatar for cuauhtle
    the contrabass :)
  • Avatar for flozapkau
  • Avatar for s1e1r1g1i1o1
  • Avatar for Emiko-
    i just love it. *__* luv all sherlock holmes music.<3
  • Avatar for Emi_lia
    cool song :)
  • Avatar for maleeepa9
    Magiczne <33 :D
  • Avatar for scazzam
    wow, nice opening
  • Avatar for Un_Necessary
  • Avatar for APECTAPX
    love it
  • Avatar for Denorios
    Fantastic track - love it!
  • Avatar for xn____nx
    magistral :P
  • Avatar for HE1NZ
    This is great
  • Avatar for Pescrazy
    Love this track!
  • Avatar for Japperman

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