• Ghostface lyric

    7 Jul 2006, 12:58 by l2p

    Ghostface on Windpipe track.

    "Yo I'm bent out, three days two nights yo I'm spent out
    One hell of a cruise got they hand out
    Like I owe somethin, check they stance they frontin
    I'm two seconds from twistin y'all shit, over nuttin
    All a sudden ice grills kid you did a baby bid
    In the mix almost hung yourself slit ya wrists
    To the maximum, hand me the forty I'll thrash and
    split out guests who gassed and make Ghost throw his mask on
    Trauma the block pro bar sledge slang ho
    Runnin from to and sharles some rap and I might blow
    World cup, son been blessed wit the Stanley
    Yvonne Lendl autographed racket wit the can key
    Sideline manuever, wax remover
    Niggaz wit long nails cuttin me, leavin bruises
    Candle lows tied a thousand an y'all froze
    Came home to dusthead dude, tryin to play me close
    We've been peaked for years now Liz wants to choppin the kid
    I might do magic make him disappear
    Railroad that nigga Isotoner holder
    Snatch the granola, sprinkle Ginko Boloba