• Hank III + Assjack Review

    1 Sep 2010, 14:22 by josolomon

    Tue 31 Aug – Hank III & Assjack

    By far, one of the craziest crowds and shows I have ever seen, Hank III brought the three hour goods at the Culture Room. I was there for the hillbilly portion of the set (which lasted about an hour and twenty minutes), as that comprises most of his official discography and features his real strength, lyrics of living hard and hating mainstream country. He played many of his most memorable songs, such as Dick in Dixie, Crazed Country Rebel, and Mississippi Mud. He also played a couple of songs off of the recently released Rebel Within. From there, he went into an entertaining hellbilly set and then Assjack, his metal band played. That wasn't really my speed and my ears were already ringing, so I stood around near the merchandise booth for the last half of the show. Still, there is no denying that Hank III gives his all and provides ample entertainment in a live setting. The diverse crowd, ranging from metalheads to bikers to rednecks, were all satisfied.