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  • hm, not bad, guys
  • I wanna drink while listening and crying your drinking song live!!! :D
  • Based mongolians
  • Thanx Myroan for recommending Tengger Cavalry. Very good indeed. [2]
  • I saw these guys live. They're amazing!!!
  • Thanx Myroan for recommending Tengger Cavalry. Very good indeed.
  • For those that like metal I can recommend [artist]Tengger Cavalry[/artist]. A great band that could need some more attention. Chinese pagan folk metal band with throat singing.
  • -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • Lees het artikel over Hanggai in New Folk Sounds 138 (december 2011/januari 2012).
  • beautiful...
  • People who love Hanggai should try Altan Urag and The Black Horse Ensemble. Throat Singing FTW!
  • шикарная группа, горловое пение - это круто
  • тащюсь
  • Drinking Song! google music ftw!
  • cool! the song Togur jin Mountain is the best!
  • mongoloid android folk rules!
  • This group is awesome! I'm glad a friend told me about them.
  • Come to US :3
  • he so cute!
  • Ze zijn fantastisch! :D (proost!)
  • super!!! vandaag in Tilburg
  • Hanggai Tivoli was nice
  • sure do wish they'd come to the states
  • Just went to see you guys day before yesterday in Tivoli Utrecht NL, absolutely amazing! This is what making music should be all about. Can't wait to see you again!
  • Live shows of Hanggai are amazing :)
  • i've finally managed to upload vids i filmed during Wereldfeest in Utrecht, NL, on June 27 this year, though i don't know the song titles... Enjoy! ;) [url=]Hanggai 1[/url], [url=]Hanggai 2[/url], [url=]Hanggai 3[/url], [url=]Hanggai 4[/url]. Brought to you by \m/
  • saw u in Wacken, man u rocked like hell, too bad so few people know u! +1Fan
  • Great mix of cultural influences.
  • Hanggai is having a throat singing contest here:
  • Great gig in Utrecht, loved the whole show! I will practice my throat-singing for YouTube, although I sound ridiculous :)
  • awesomeness, just discovered it, waiting for you to come back to Beijing!
  • Wonderfull show yesterday at the Roots festival!!
  • The show in Holland was great! I am really looking forward to the new album!! I posted new pictures, please vote!
  • Festival Ethno Port Poznan 2010 (Poland)
  • Hanggai!! Great music! I always try to sing a long but I sounds ridiculous^^
  • Also check Hanggai on Facebook:
  • Discovered them by accident, but I listen to their album frequently. Fresh.
  • wacken! omg
  • They are like crazy. love love love love 'em.
  • Interesting band, though Huun-Huur-Tu still >>>> them.
  • wow, these guys are amazing
  • This was damn cool at the Lowlands festival!
  • no thx i dont want to eat your written diarrhoea. if you are not able to reflect on your own sexism and just punch on other people "wrong terms" or failures without getting into discussion I have better things to do than to discuss with strange teenagers ^^ - play with your spaceships and your female avatar pics...
  • I don't mind the system... there will always be flaws. I do mind the individual (yes you, who may or may not be capable of individual thought) being ignorant. You've implied that music outside your own comfort zone is inexplicably bad because it only offers the planet interesting music on occasion. That is a devastatingly ethnocentric point of view. So I'm asking you to pull your head out of your arse, and realise that 'world music' doesn't serve you or I, being Western consumers. It's not like you ever say "oh sometimes pop music has really interest projects" or "sometimes rock music has really interesting projects", right?
  • so the problem is the term "world music" ? I can get your hint somehow, but this ethno / world music label is existing. and this bands are found within this tags/labels/genres. and without this shitty label i would never have found tham, because they were somewere within this pot swimming on the top. otherwise i would never get to know them... so what ?
  • "sometimes world music has really interesting projects to give to the planet :-) ". Such a small mind... there's Western music and then world music, haha. There's also the suggestion that 'world music' doesn't have anything to offer at all, but 'sometimes', they do provide something for the Western market.
  • I second that! Does anybody have any videos of that concert? I'd love to see it again :D
  • Great concert with you guys at Roskilde Festival yesterday! The atmosphere was exceptional and your music is fantastic.


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