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"The powerful solitary practitioner:

creating what many make a collective effort takes but him alone—his solo hand conceives and weaves possibility into reality.

Such is the case with Nic Morgan and his “Hand of Taurus”; a mélange of ethereal movement, profoundly groove-heavy “djent” and emotionality that drives his melodious and moving sound.

As the sole practitioner of Hand of Taurus, Morgan has crafted what could be considered a colony of mystical sound, miraculously through his efforts alone.

His “Hand of Taurus” project has produced a bevy of beautiful musical moments that lie heavily on the “djenty”side of things: polyrhythms steeped in inventive scales and progressions that resonate rather brashly.

Breathlessly bass heavy with some melodious interludes to keep it musical, Hand of Taurus is a major league effort getting minor league air play. I hope all that will soon change–this is amazing."

-Osprey Magazine

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