• DELAIN, Tarot, Hammerfall, etc. @ProgPower USA, 9/11/10

    11 Dec 2010, 01:13 by nDroae

    Sat 11 Sep – ProgPower XI USA


    (Sorry about the multiple adds to groups, blame the site for setting journals to be re-added to groups when edited :( )

    Continued from Part One: Leaves Eyes and Kamelot (and the Delain signing)

    Stormwarrior I'd listened to a reasonable amount before the show, thanks to a sample of their hit song, Heading Northe. I definitely enjoy their music, but it tends to start to blend together into noise after several minutes listening to it because of the nonstop, monotonous fast tempo - it's , and there is only one speed. They don't do ballads. :P Heading Northe is a great song, but unfortunately it's made them something of a one-hit wonder; their #2 track has 1/6 the listeners on here. One festival attendee listed his top 3 most wanted StormWarrior tracks for the show as "1. Heading Northe, 2. Heading Northe, 3. Heading Northe."

  • My 2nd anniversary (Sun. 06/28/09)

    29 Jun 2009, 22:33 by Chikyro

    Howdy how all you beings out there!

    The 28h of June in 2009. Not a special day, no – it just happened to be my 2nd anniversary here on Actually I thought it would be on the 29th day, and now I’m a bit late as you can see… But ah, you can’t always remember everything correctly. Or, on the other hand, do everything in time. And, by the way, I just noticed that my 1st anniversary journal entry was posted on the 29th day. So I’m maintaining the tradition of being late!

    So. Two years. May seem like a long time, but actually isn’t. I can’t believe I have been here for so long. I haven’t even reset my scrobbles, they can still be found here on my profile… Tokio Hotel, Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance… Everything. I just haven’t felt like getting rid of them. And why should I? Yes, yes, a little profile cleaning wouldn’t probably do any harm… I just like all those funny skeletons in my closet, that’s it. I have listened to them once, and they’re all parts of my musical history, so I’ll let them be there.
  • Review for Sauna Open Air 2009 @ Eteläpuisto, TRE, FI (Sat. 06/06/09)

    10 Jun 2009, 12:26 by Chikyro

    “I say: ‘Let the hammer –’”
    “– FAAAAALL!”
    “That’s it. Do you want the hammer to fall?”
    “I say: ‘Let the hammer –’”
    “– FAAAAALL!”
    “Let’s stick of the ending, the ‘fall’. Make it as long as possible, like ‘faaaaaaaaaal’. Let the hammer –”
    “You fucking rule! Let the hammer –”

    And the hammer…it fell.

    On the 6th of June in 2009, HammerFall had a show at an annual Finnish metal festival called “Sauna Open Air”. They hadn't performed in Finland for four years, and people had surely waited for that little concert. When I heard about it, I… Well, let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

    I’m a huge HammerFall supporter (I’m avoiding the expression “fan”, he-he), but still quite a new one. I discovered the band in the summer of 2008. I was somewhat unlucky when it came to attending concerts back then, and to be honest, my only gig was that Dynasty Tour show featuring two bands and one artist (which were The Rasmus, Von Hertzen Brothers and Mariko, in case you are interested). …
  • Any Means Necessary! Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes!

    17 Mar 2009, 15:52 by Ruunay

    Sa., 14. Mär. – Any Tour Necessary 2009
    HammerFall und Kaufbeuren haben sich in gewisser Art und Weise ineinander verliebt. Wie anders ist es sonst zu erklären, dass sich die Band hier besonders vieler Fans erfreut - und dies sogar durchweg durch alle erdenklichen Altersschichten. Ihre mittlerweile dritte Bühnenshow in der Karthalle sollte demnach ohne größere Probleme von statten gehen. Hat es das aber tatsächlich? Im großen und ganzen! Warum es nicht 100% perfekt war, sei hier nun in den nächsten Zeilen ausführlich erklärt. Aber erstmal schön der Reihe nach.

    Alten Konzerthasen mag vielleicht schon aufgefallen sein, das sich der Ansturm auf die Karthalle schlichtweg verdoppelt hat. Obwohl eigentlich immer äusserst dankbar von der umliegenden metallverarbeitenden Gesellschaft angenommen, fiel doch schon sofort die extrem lange Schlange vor dem Eingang auf. Dass das Konzert im nachhinein fast ausverkauft war versteht sich diesbezüglich von selbst. Ebenfalls neu war für mich die Leibesvisitation vom netten Security-Beauftragten. …
  • My top 20 artists & their most remarkable songs (... for me)

    21 Nov 2008, 18:18 by Chikyro

    Couldn’t oppose the temptation, I finally had to do this. Well, it’s just a single journal entry after all... so, here’s a list. Erm... read it?


    1. 30 Seconds to Mars
    First song I heard: The Kill
    Song that made me fall in love: The Kill
    All time favourite: Oblivion
    Current favourite: Valhalla

    2. HammerFall
    First song I heard: Renegade
    Song that made me fall in love: In Memoriam
    All time favourite: In Memoriam
    Current favourite: Restless Soul

    3. Rhapsody of Fire
    First song I heard: Never Forgotten Heroes
    Song that made me fall in love: Never Forgotten Heroes
    All time favourite: Never Forgotten Heroes
    Current favourite: Symphony of Enchanted Lands

    4. Muse
    First song I heard: Starlight
    Song that made me fall in love: Knights of Cydonia
    All time favourite: Bliss
    Current favourite: – (haven’t listened to them for quite a long time now)

    5. Coldplay
    First song I heard: Fix You
    Song that made me fall in love: Speed of Sound
  • The summer of 2008–time to let the hammer fall

    5 Aug 2008, 18:25 by Chikyro

    This summer has definitely been the best summer I’ve gone through and I’m not joking while saying that, not at all. I’m sure that the summer of 2008 will be preserved, I’m sure that it will always rest somewhere in my mind even if I lose all the other summers.

    I didn’t do anything special, I’ve actually spent many busier holidays, but during this one, many wonderful things happened and they automatically turned into unforgettable. Most of all, they were related to music, and that’s what I’m writing about, that’s why I had to post a new journal entry. I don’t know, perhaps I’m still concerned about forgetting–I just need to remember what was the very first HammerFall song I heard. I need to. At least I want to.

    This all began when my good friend Tuomas (Ellemere, though his scrobbling doesn’t work) signed up here on In his charts I noticed some very interesting artists that I had never heard about before. The first band that I became aware of was in one of his weekly charts. …
  • Funk Pop a Roll

    26 Nov 2007, 00:58 by nickwit

    I was bored soooo:

    1. put your music player on shuffle
    2. for each question press the 'next' button to get your answer

    if someone says 'is that ok' you say;

    Losing My Religion

    what would best describe your personality;
    Warriors of Faith

    what do you like in a guy or girl;
    Jeannie Needs a Shooter

    how do you feel today;


    what is your life's purpose;
    Dirty Life & Times

    what is your motto;

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    what do your friends think of you;


    what do you think of often;

    Elizabeth: II. Requiem for the Innocent

    what do you think of your best friend;

    Things Have Changed

    what do you think of the person you like;

    21st Century

    what is your life story;
Museum of Idiots

    what do you want to be when you grow up;
    Excitable Boy

    what do you think when you see the person you like;
    Doctor Worm

    what do your parents think of you;

  • It's a HammerFall

    4 Oct 2007, 21:56 by Kirill_Efremov

    Пт 7 Сен – HammerFall

    Пт 7 Сен – HammerFall

    Yes, I know that it was practically a month ago. Simply I didn't have free time to desribe it. ) Now I try to do it in a few words.
    I cann't say that this show was so great, incredible and etc. It was simple concert (by the way, with delay in 30 minutes). Not bad, not good. Most of the songs were played from the last album (5) and the other was classicks of the group. I was glad to hear Glory to the Brave, Blood Bound, Riders of the Storm, Renegade and of course Heading the Call. I think that should be played more classik songs such as Stone Cold, A Legend Reborn, Always Will Be and The Way of the Warrior.
    And on this concert HammerFall proved my theory, that they are Manowar number 2. ))
    By the way, their new song Last Man Standing very-very good. \m/


    1. Threshold
    2. Templars Of Steel
    3. Riders Of The Storm
    4. Fury Of The Wild
    5. Rebel Inside
    6. Blood Bound
    7. Reign of the Hammer
    8. Renegade
    9. Glory to the Brave
  • Review: ChileRocks!!! Kreator, Hammerfall y Kotipelto.

    1 Oct 2007, 04:09 by Darkneo16x

    Mie 26 Sep – Chile Rocks

    Primero que nada:

    Martes 26 de Septiembre, 17:30 horas y ya en los alrededores de San Diego 850, el ambiente se vivía intensamente en la espera de lo que sería una excelente jornada. ¿El motivo de la reunión? Todos lo sabemos, el ChileRocks, quizás uno de los festivales metaleros más controversiales de los últimos meses, debido a la extraña combinación de bandas que compartirían escena en esta ocasión: Kreator, HammerFall y Kotipelto. Como era de esperarse la fauna metalera fue variada en todo aspecto, era bastante curioso ver, desde el pequeño proyecto de metalero con polera de Rhapsody, hasta a los más Old School Thrashers con las chaquetas llenas de parches y la cultivada ponchera cervecera. Pocas veces se mezcla un público así, y por lo mismo las respuestas para las tres bandas fueron más que diferentes.

    El poco publicitado Flyer nos indicaba que el espectáculo como tal daría inicio a las 18:00 horas…
  • Esta canción no se llama Iron Maiden, ni Blind Guardian, ni Metallica, se llama…

    22 Sep 2007, 06:39 by eald

    La avalancha de tocadas por el país apenas inicia, desde septiembre hasta principios de diciembre, vamos a seguir teniendo tocadas de Metal en cantidad.

    Este viernes cumplimos con nuestra cita con HammerFall en el lugar de siempre, donde vamos a nuestra religión llena de brincos, cánticos, aplausos, la mano en forma de cuernos como hemos aprendido a hacerlo, como nos comunicamos cuando queremos decir sí, decir gracias, decir viva, decir HammerFall.

    Tal vez soy optimista en decir que estuvimos unas 500 personas, no lo sé en realidad, pero yo estaba en segunda fila y me podía mover, así que todavía hay mucha gente que le falta por conocer esta banda que en realidad hace muy buenos conciertos, o bueno, la gente los escucha en Monterrey, hace muy buenos conciertos, por que hoy es de esos días en los que sales lleno, como cuando comes en el buffet.

    Hoy la fila indicaba que no habría un lleno a reventar como la última cita de en la ciudad, a cargo de Sonata Arctica, pero hay que recordar que esa fue histórica…