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  • hearts on fire <3
  • i think they're more heavy than power.
  • hammerfall is the best Renegade
  • Secrets and Hero's Return are better IMO.
  • in my opinion is Stronger than all one of the best power metal songs i ever heard
  • i agree tremere, though Stronger than All is a killer track
  • they have a few good songs nothing special
  • I love this band, it's a guilty pleasure. So gay, but so damn rockin!
  • That doesn't entirely not make sense!
  • im not unconvinced that theyre the least most unmediocre band i havent not heard. 5/10
  • Incredible!
  • Who the hell calls HammerFall black metal?
  • It's just you, they're not even that similar.
  • Is it just me, or Hammerfall is like a really bad Iron Maiden?
  • On the edge of honour!
  • Impossible not to mention the word Templar, Steel, Hammer in any of the songs. awesome :D
  • What the fuck? Rising Force is one of my favourite songs...
  • Jesus these are ace!!!
  • Propably Dj is a gay.
  • *drools*
  • Those are some n00bs, who have absolutelly no knowledge about metal. They tag because it's cool and funny. Bad tags are begining to be a real plague in last.fm.
  • It's funny thing that people tagged them Gothic, Punk, Grindcore and even Rap!
  • Trash metal? Progressive? Hard rock? (Melo-)DEATH? BLACK?! People don't know how to tag their music.. But altogether, Hammerfall is a good band, although their pretty boring in the long run. Their cool live :P
  • geez, look at some of these tags...death metal? lol Good band... <3
  • Some of the most ridiculous tags. Awesome band all the same.
  • OMG. Death metal and black metal tags. Some people have sick minds.
  • :x Nethack suxxxxx All hail to ADOM !
  • lol...Way of the Warrior makes me think of Nethack
  • let the hammer fall
  • curling lol
  • this is the way... we wanted to be...
  • Hearts on fire, Hearts on fire, burning, burning with desire w00t!
  • first!


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