• v.a. - Boldly Audio (Sanaton Rec., 2005) - cd-review

    30 Sep 2005, 09:32 by Unspeakable

    please dont pass by this one of the best compilations of the year 2005.

    first of all i need to say few words about this new swedish label. from here you can learn useful info: www.sanatonrecords.com. actually it is all that I can say about this label. it is absolutely new, absolutely without brain and released absolut hit - boldly audio.
    caution! djs please do not play this stuff at parties if you are not sure that people in music like this.

    Hallucinogenic Horses - psykatikk sulky
    Syzygy - zodiac
    Atishoo - evolution ? (version two)
    Derango - welkin
    Sykoroknyx - ergot
    Traskel - somniak
    Procs - aghast
    Ka-SoL - easy as a fact
    Kaiko - local plants

    hallucinogenic horses - psykatikk sulky
    first on this compi we have this track which I can relate more with name of a project then with track name. all composition do not allow to forget that here we have horses. in several different ways beatbase of this track reminds knocking of horseshoes. …